The Libra Woman grows up unaware of her sensual potential and artistic gifts. She doesn't know she exudes a powerful feminine aura. Her smile is as mysterious as Mona Lisa's and as mischievous as Marilyn Monroe's.

She often becomes her father's pet. Sometimes she is victimized by men who are threatened by her sex appeal. With the onset of menstruation and biological maturation, she becomes aware of her father's reaction to her development. Her father may respond to her budding sexuality by withdrawing from her. The Libra adolescent then reacts by feeling that something is wrong with her, and she carries the scar for the rest of her life.

Ages twelve to fourteen are more difficult for the Libra type than for any other. This is because she often experiences double rejection—first by her father, then by her mother. The Libra is frequently resented by her mother. She may adore her mother, but the underside of their relationship is often colored by her mother's jealousy. She is not aware until ages twelve to fourteen that she is "different," that she is often prettier, sexier, or more appealing than other girls her age. This precise situation may not apply to all Libra Women, but its essence is the fear and distrust every Libran feels for her own sexual attractiveness. A common result is the Libran's attraction to particular men who can give her the mothering she never had.

The Libra Woman is usually conditioned by her childhood experiences to expect attention but to distrust emotional closeness. Like all air signs (Gemini, Aquarius), she is usually more comfortable with rationality than with emotion. She has a "push me, pull you" approach to the head-versus-heart issue and is in perpetual motion trying to integrate the two.

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