The Leo Woman, on the surface, may have quite an ordinary childhood. She may be a good little girl who nevertheless usually displays enough strength of character and vision to let her parents know she is a survivor. She tends to be closer to her mother than to her father.

Since her nature is romantic and her talent for acting and fantasy is usually a great resource, she can construct her own world into which to escape. As she grows up, she may carry on a parallel make-believe childhood in her head; she may act it out in games or in grade-school plays. She is likely to be a ringleader, a clown, or an organizer of some sort. She tends to like amusements, free spaces, and life on a large and interesting scale. The play may indeed be the thing, and life, though outwardly normal, may be full of internal sound and fury.

Leo often dreams of celebrities and may imitate their walk, dress, or vocabulary. She may silently swear to become famous herself. In the old days, she may have thought it necessary to "make it" with the help of men. Now, she may be spreading her wings more independently, fantasizing about fame and success, and about achieving it by herself.

She is so proud as to be hypersensitive, and she usually cannot take criticism. She can only cope with it by retreating temporarily into herself and designing a competitive game plan to prove she is "better than that." The Leo girl may harbor visions of such grandeur that she feels insulted by any implication that she is "average."

She is frequently physically striking and nearly always prettier than the norm. She may wear her beauty as a mark of distinction, and she has a knack for flaunting it and getting away with it. She is not likely to be outdone in the boy-girl department. Even the shy Leo girl usually develops a specialty—perhaps her large eyes, saucy walk, or glossy mane—which she then devotedly nurtures to perfection.

In all, the Leo girl is usually a handful, but she gives her parents a lot to be proud of. She frequently has a huge ego and must find constructive ways to feed and express it. If she does not receive help in this department, she may become tough and defiant, in which case the development of her femininity and her adjustment to being a female will be difficult.

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