Changing Patterns

Self-awareness is essential for change. The Taurus Woman may not want to confront herself or her behavior, but she will have to if she wants to change her reactions. Rage is not just anger expressing itself; it is the self, searching and puzzled. In dealing with her anger, the Taurus Woman needs to:

1. Accept conflict as inevitable.

2. Realize anger is manageable if expressed at the time it is initially felt.

3. Remember that she can always learn from another's counsel.

4. Accept that group encounters teach us the value of sharing equally with others.

5. Allow others the right to make their own mistakes.

6. Allow others to grow in a free and unabandoned manner.

7. Respect others' private spaces and abilities.

8. Define her own needs and boundaries.

9. Learn where her needs and desires begin and others' end.

10. Remember that the expression of anger will not automatically change another person's behavior.

11. Remember that she can never possess another person.

(For communication skills, see "Libra Anger." For more advice on how to identify anger, see "Scorpio Anger." For exercises in greater self-awareness, see "Capricorn Relationships.")

As she evolves, the Taurus Woman will see that expressing all her emotions is natural for her. Her concern about how expressing her anger will affect others' opinions of her will dissipate when it becomes clear that she can do it with the same admirable flair she uses to express her joy. Like the earth she is so much a part of, she must display all her qualities at one time or another.

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