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Capricorn is usually underrated sexually because not every observer is astute enough to penetrate her cool white-gladiola demeanor and detect her luscious red-rose core. The Capricorn Woman flowers fully only when the occasion feels right. And she takes her time about deciding.

She may be a femme fatale with the wisdom of an old lady and the grace and ingenuity of a young colt. She is picky; she may blow hot and cold, but when she falls, she falls very hard. The case of the immovable object meeting the irresistible force describes the Capricorn Woman's infatuation or sexual falling in love.

Many a Capricorn is a young beauty who can expect to grow into an ageless enchantress. Others, however, refuse to take care of their bodies, gain weight, and age prematurely, thus denying themselves the full realization of their sexual potential. Nothing is sadder than to see a Capricorn woman with a vibrant, dynamic mind inhabiting a stagnant, neglected body. When she takes pains to preserve her youth and beauty, she usually blooms endlessly, weathering peaks and valleys of sexual ecstasy and boredom. She exhibits admirable durability and usually manages to outlive her partners.

The Capricorn sexual destiny includes the ordeal of patient labor. She may have to teach her lover sexual techniques; more likely, she will have to teach him how to truly love. If she herself has trouble in either of these areas, which she may, she is bound to go through some tense relationships.

Her sexuality is a deep, enduring, intense bonding force. She usually feels that love and sex go together and are meant to last a lifetime. She dislikes "head trips" and will seldom discuss details, but she keeps on looking for the best romantic and financial combination. She may be downright secretive about her sexual longings and not much more open about her search for love.

This woman "feels things in her bones" and has a built-in body radar system. She scans the sky for changes in weather, and the horizon for her ideal lover. She anticipates moods, weather, and her own love affairs with remarkable, earthy intuition. Deep down, if she is really honest, she usually knows when she is involved with a man who is not contributing to her growth—but you may never hear her admit it.

She has a nearly phobic fear of depending on a man. Therefore, the more she falls in love, the more aloof she may try to appear. It is as if a magical threshold has to be crossed somewhere within her before she will permit herself to be publicly affectionate—and privately passionate.

Her sexuality needs to be nurtured by many demonstrations of romance, passion, interest, and old-fashioned courtesy. She is exceedingly cautious about falling in love; she would really prefer to make sure the man is in love with her before she lets herself fly. Thus, shoring up her sexual self-esteem may have to be part of a gradual opening-up process to help her to let go. Ultimately, the result is almost sure to be a delightful celebration of sex and the senses.

Lady Casanova experiments aside, the Capricorn Woman tends not to be fully open and happy with her sex life until she has "grown accustomed to his face." She is usually the type of lover who wants and needs a shared life, a relationship with a history and a future. When she feels secure, she gradually opens up to reveal layer after layer of gorgeous, never-before-disclosed vulnerability and a lush and earthy sexual energy.

Ultimately, she is bound to have a rich and satisfying sex life. What she needs is to open up, to build trust and sexual self-esteem. She must strive to allow herself to be "real," to accept and share her own emotionalism and vulnerability. Capricorn has to learn to apply her flights of fancy in such areas as effectively as she has already done in the areas of self-control and professional striving.

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