Capricorn Relationships

The Capricorn Woman is often likened to a fortune hunter. Prestige and money are, in fact, very important to her. She usually wants worldly status, security, roots, an orderly life, and polite children. She also wants her ideal man, though this may be a lower priority.

What is often unknown about Capricorn is that she harbors a deep well of love; she also hides a gargantuan streak of loneliness. Moreover, she secretly longs for glamour and excitement and from time to time may be willing to give up security in order to obtain them.

She fears love, yet she needs it intensely to complete her, lift her out of her loneliness. Time weighs heavily on her, and she hates to waste it. She is a busybody. She may invite love and then grow cool and reject it.

Intense though controlled, the Capricorn Woman attempts to brake her emotionalism by an air of distinguished competence. She would love to have her relationships predictably in the palm of her hand, much as in a business deal.

She is full of surprises. She herself may not know what she will do next. She lives with a cacophonous inner dialogue maintained by her own warring voices. Sometimes she listens to an inner voice that tells her, Go ahead, take the risk with Ed, John, or Harry. Another voice may caution her to wait and protect her turf to avoid being hurt. Just when she appears to have clearly settled for a life of prestige and passionless security, she may fall in love with a struggling painter. She may make believe that he will be the next Michelangelo, however—especially with her help.

The important thing to understand about the Capricorn Woman is that while she may be off chasing rainbows, her steady gaze is fixed on the ground. You see, she doesn't want to trip if she can help it, even while pursuing her dreams.

The Capricorn Woman's greatest challenge in relating to people is to trust them and let down her self-protective barriers. She is often defensive, expecting to be hurt or maligned. She may mock and refuse to take love seriously. But what scares her most is this: the truth about love may be that even love will not stem the tide of her loneliness. The fear and existential pain of a Mrs. Robinson is familiar to her. Sometimes the simple act of living throws her into despondency. What's the use, she wonders, of falling in love? There is no guarantee, and Capricorn seldom likes to shop without it.

The circle of fear and loneliness—needing love, reaching out yet fearing hurt, growing thicker skin as the years fly, questioning more and more the place and meaning of love in her life—is a typical pattern for Capricorn. She persists; she always gives as good as she gets, and sometimes more. It may well have been she who authored the phrase "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Her main resources in sexual relationships are durable sex appeal, which usually increases with age; persistence; the ability to give as much as she gets; secret passion; tremendous loyalty; sense of humor; and survival ability. Like Capricorns Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, she can be counted in for a long, long time. And look for a winner!

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