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The Capricorn Woman is excellent marriage material. She needs and wants a sustained relationship that fulfills her social, material, and emotional needs. She is probably one of the best candidates for a good old-fashioned "pleasure bond" stemming from a long-term primary relationship. However, it usually takes her awhile to get there. She may be looking for marriage or a strong primary relationship, and she may not wish to separate sex and love, but she is normally a late bloomer in finding happiness. She is usually also late in achieving self-awareness and developing the kind of skills it takes to make a relationship work.

There are some women whose needs are best fulfilled by a dual lifestyle, marital and extramarital. The Capricorn woman has varied interests, but she prefers to focus her energy on one main relationship which will hopefully satisfy most of her needs.

In her early years, usually through her twenties and perhaps even into the thirties, she is bound to experience multiple love affairs; she may then experiment with varied lifestyles, or she may be married and monogamous. Her life is apt to break into definite cycles during which her entire sexual behavior changes.

The typical Capricorn pattern in terms of changing lifestyles is as follows:

1. Early adulthood, from twenty to twenty-eight, but sometimes as late as twenty-five to thirty-two. She is apt to be immature and insecure. She may either withdraw into a totally monogamous relationship that makes her feel safe or go to the other extreme and spend years running experiments to broaden her skills and horizons. If she marries young and is of the old school, she is most likely to stay monogamous all her life. I have, however, seen an increasing number of Capricorn types who break out of a stagnant marriage in their fifties and start to live again.

2. Middle adulthood, usually starting at thirty-five and continuing as late as sixty. This is a period of great individual variation, and its only common theme is predictable upheavals, especially at thirty-five, forty-two to forty-three, fifty, and fifty-eight to sixty.

3. Late adulthood, from sixty on. The Capricorn woman is typically at her best in this phase, provided she has not formed crystallized habits. If she has given in to fear and depression, she will have serious physical problems. If not, she blooms with the advancing years like a rare, precious flower.

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