The Gemini Woman will follow a whim wherever it may lead. Her sudden and unreasonable changes will drive those about her wild. However, she seems to know what she's doing, and if you follow her, at least your life will never be dull. So whimsical that she could be a character out of Alice in Wonderland, the Gemini Woman follows a voice deep within her that compels her to act. She always regrets not paying heed to her inner messages and directions. The Gemini Woman resembles the Cap ricorn Woman as she jumps from one project to another, from one career to another, and from one relationship to another. However, Capricorn knows why she is jumping from mountaintop to mountaintop and has calculated the exact result of her moves. The Gemini Woman, on the other hand, takes a leap in blind faith that it is the correct thing to do, no matter what the outcome.

Routine drives the Gemini Woman crazy. Anything that can be predicted or reduced to a formula is anathema to her. She would rather work for a circus than a dry-goods store. She goes out of her way to introduce new challenges into her life. And she appears as erratic as the motion of the planet Mercury. Don't try to figure out why she is doing something; just accept it and jump on the merry-go-round with her, and you'll have fun.

The Gemini Woman has a great sense of humor, her wit and charm are legendary, and she is game for anything, the more on the spur of the moment the better. Her voice has a lilt to it, almost a melody. She enjoys laughing (although she may laugh at the wrong time) and can keep up her banter for hours.

The Gemini Woman is a quick-change artist. She can switch roles as quickly as a chameleon changes colors. From party girl to housewife to career woman to serious political analyst, she moves across the spectrum with a quick flutter of her long lashes. Titania could not be more magical in her ability to project completely different personalities.

Never expect to be able to predict the moods of a Gemini Woman. They shift from moment to moment, like the patterns in a kaleidoscope. One harsh word is enough to cause a complete shift in her emotions, which are as volatile as warmed morning air rising off the floor of the desert.

The Gemini Woman is very hard to pin down. She changes her mind rapidly. She may say yes one day, and no the very next. You seldom have to wait long for a response; she speaks off the top of her head, often without taking time to think.

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