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The Cancer Woman's most intriguing sexual secret is that she is much more dominant than she appears. Her modest facade disguises a tigress with a solid, repetitive repertoire. She won't be rushed, loves to be fussed over, prized, snuggled, and wooed, but when she takes the reins, her man is the one to surrender.

The Cancer Woman tends to keep her intense sexuality under wraps. She does not flaunt it; she sends it subtly over the airwaves. The perceptive observer warms to the steady sexual glow telegraphed by her mincing, swaying gait and her teasing, laughing eyes. She seems to invite caressing, and the man who gets close enough to nestle on her ample breasts will find she wants more than a hug.

Our three primary cultural taboos are sex, money, and death. The Cancer Woman specializes in sex with love and prefers solid money as the foundation of love's edifice. She usually leaves speculations about the metaphysical aspects of life and death to others, especially to Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is most invested in the quality of her life today and in assuring it for tomorrow.

She is reputed to dislike male roughness and to be a shy, sensitive maiden. In fact, she is a shrewd, maternally inclined conservative who probably tried sex very early and found it disappointing. A roll in the hay or a one-night stand is not her style. The Cancer Woman's kind of intense sensuality needs to be awakened, fed and fertilized by tenderness, then brought to bloom by passion. It may take a series of men to rouse her, and they must understand that the timid, delicate maiden needs to be gradually introduced to her potent libido.

She seems to be the type of woman who likes to be made love to and dislikes being the aggressor. In the early years, especially when she is playing roles and playing for keeps, this may be true. However, her old-fashioned, sentimental femininity often covers a dominant Circe, poised on the edge of release. What makes her fly is a man who understands her need to dominate, accepts it, and from time to time is able to exchange roles with her.

Cancer's opposite sign is Capricorn. Her subconscious nature reflects the deep insecurity and consequent need for worldly possessions of that sign. The Cancer Woman's tendency to couple sex with love may well be a mythology sold to her in childhood, a convenient spice added to her natural fears. In reality, she is quite able to enjoy what used to be called free love. Her flights of imagination cover every aspect of it, and there is enough obligation and duty in her life that she may find voluntary, easy sex a welcome respite. Sex, and nothing but, often becomes her preference in later years.

The key word in understanding Cancer's sexuality is conflict. She frequently experiences conflict between her security-seeking domestic side, which is supported by society and by her upbringing, and her freewheeling, libidinous, voluptuous sensuality and sexuality. She often dams this up, with much assistance from society. On the one hand, the Cancer Woman is a stickler for etiquette, including the sexual proprieties; on the other, she needs to surrender to sex and cannot do so while bound by social role playing (the mother image we hold is almost wholly asexual, for example).

The Cancer Woman is caught on the horns of the modern woman's dilemma. She has tremendous sexual power and is very attractive to men. She is drawn to men and to the idea of marriage and family, but her attraction is frequently colored by fear and resentment.

For the Cancer Woman, sexual surrender that leads to mutual ecstasy must originate in her love of herself, of her own body and feminine nature. She must trust her own femaleness and invite the male's full-fledged maleness. This kind of sexual surrender is not an invitation to brutalization. It is a woman's greatest gift to a man, in which she opens and offers all of herself and is able, in turn, to help him open up.

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