Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker, and the Sagittarius Woman is very, very honest. Honesty goes beyond the point of pride with her; she is constitutionally unable to lie without blundering. However, she far more often blunders with the truth, for honesty is the Sagittarian blind spot. She is unabashed about what she knows or feels, and she often seems to have the sensitivity of a Mack truck.

I once heard a Sagittarius Woman refer to a homosexual man she worked with as a "faggot." She immediately turned to a gay friend at the same party and said, "Of course, you aren't that type of gay at all." Once again, her bluntness had overtaken her good sense, and she was desperate to make amends.

Another side of the notorious Sagittarian indiscretion is disdain for dishonesty in others. She'd much rather blurt out the real truth "to set the record straight" than cope with her own discomfort in the face of someone else's illusions. This is especially true when her own life is filled with uncertainties. In her restless and irritable state, she can project her confusion onto everyone around her until her every remark cries out, "Can't you see?" In reality, she is the blind one, and until she takes herself in hand, she may make life miserable for everyone around her.

Sagittarian indiscretion is not cruel. The Sagittarius Woman doesn't make the razor comments her Scorpio sister might offer as "truth." But like a true archer, she will lose sight of all else at the moment of insight, and she'll let her arrow fly with little, if any, thought for what attendant emotion might be in its path. She is not insensitive, but rather insensate, at the "moment of truth." Anyone who recalls Agnes Moore-head as Endora in Bewitched knows this brand of "calling a spade a spade."

Those close to a Sagittarius Woman will do well to remember that she is, at times, still a wilderness creature, aware of human feelings from the heart up, but not necessarily below the belt.

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