The Cosmic Woman has revived her multidimensional personality and is bursting with all kinds of powerful energies. Previously she had kept many of these from seeing the light of day. Some are so negative that she scarcely recognizes them as her own. The Cosmic Woman soon learns to cope with this tornado of energies by balancing one with another. Her male energy is balanced with her female energy; her mental energy is balanced with her emotional energy; her spiritual energy is balanced with her physical energy.

She seeks to oppose one energy with another until their meeting creates a dynamic motion, much as in the Chinese concept of yin and yang. She also seeks to bring them into equilibrium as one force is applied to another. The Greek architects discovered this principle centuries ago as they created beautiful columns to interact with the downward thrust of a heavy roof. Each element exerted the same force, and a perfect balance was thus created and frozen in time for all to see.

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Crystal Healing

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