Aware Conscious

The Cosmic Woman is alert to the changes taking place in the world around her and the meaning of those shifts of energy. No detail is too small as she observes the world around her. It is as if she puts the environment under a microscope so as to see it more clearly. She applies the same technique to her own actions and becomes aware of what she is doing and why she is doing it. She assesses her position and the effectiveness of her use of the information she has collected.

Her aim is to be conscious of every decision she makes. She is aware to the elements and to what is going on around her. She is aware of her innermost thoughts and seeks to keep all cognizance on the conscious level. Even her bursts of intuitive insight are brought to her conscious mind so that she is acutely aware of her actions and motivations. She seeks to live as consciously as possible, for she feels that if her life is to take the direction she wishes, she must be in charge of decisions.

Once the Cosmic Woman senses that she is a combination of different energies bound together in a common body, and once she is aware that these energies can pull in different directions, she loses much of the fear and guilt that she has placed upon herself. She stops trying to punish herself for not being perfect. She gives up psychosomatic illness and relinquishes her sense of shame over her flaws. She makes no harsh judgments about her sexuality but accepts it as part of the complex energies that make up her being. She leaves guilt behind because she no longer feels it for doing what is natural and right for her body. She is not ashamed of the intuitions that come to her in the night and bring a sense of order and meaning to her life. She makes no apologies for her dreams but seeks to understand them. Having passed the self-imposed barriers of proper thought and proper action, and having entered the realm of possible thought and possible action, she is well on her way to being truly liberated. As she questions the validity of traditional mores and ethical standards, of traditional principles and codes of behavior, she is once again participating in the creative process whereby she changes herself and the world about her changes, too. She finds that the more she is totally awake and aware, the more she becomes accepting of herself and of the world in which she lives.

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