Avantgarde Attracts Abrupt Change Mental

Aquarius may identify with the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot deck, for she lives at the hub of eternal flux. The coming and going of her mental tide may not ripple her surface, but the Aquarian female's calculator is more active than any computer. She justly considers the brain the most important human organ. Everything, in her opinion, is ruled by the brain; its signals determine sexual arousal, illness, mood, and reaction.

She relies on her own mental power to stimulate and guide her, and it performs many a magic trick. In her life, the unconventional may become the norm, especially if her mind is open. She can be telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient; she is extremely proficient at the use of magic. Many Aquarian types become involved with some branch of metaphysics, and a large number are visionaries, astrologers with a scientific bent, or futuristic scientists.

Revolutionary thoughts and events that strike out of the blue characterize her life. Many an Aquarian has been forced to leave her town, country, and whole way of life on short notice, to start all over in a strange part of the world. She tends to meet challenge well though she rarely seeks it. The Aquarius Woman perhaps has a special telephone plugged into the cosmos, a kind of internal Bell System. I wouldn't put it past her to send subliminal messages to planetary headquarters asking for a thunderbolt or two when change is needed. She probably learns more from sudden and trying experiences than from all her mental perambulations; and so she needs such jolts.

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