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Problems may arise in Leo's career and private life as a result of her attitudes, but her biggest bugaboo is the style she tends to adopt whenever she asks for help. She is likely to walk into any situation with a chip on her shoulder and assume she knows best. She may refuse to listen at first and will often hand down her opinion unabashedly. She is stubborn and will not easily change her mind. But her biggest problem may be that she tends to tell people what to do rather than ask them to do it. This especially applies to situations where she is the one in need of assistance.

Humility is not a Leo trait. She would rather run the store than be a humble cashier; she is likely to tell the president of the company how to run his business; she is often the one who meddles in others' affairs to the detriment of her own. As she matures, she may learn how to ask and explain without offending. Her natural authority may glow instead of antagonizing, and her pride may become a source of confidence and strength. It may compel her to win.

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