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General Traits and Background

In her relationships, in love, in work, the Aries Woman demands challenge. She is dynamic and energetic, and she usually feels impelled to make an impact, to create change. She likes to be influential as the head of a household or business and tends to be outgoing, with a zest for living. She is frequently competitive, expecting to be first and hoping to be best in any endeavor she undertakes. She possesses the courage to tackle most situations and may be able to turn what many would regard as failure into a critical lesson in growth.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, Cardinal Fire; its planetary ruler is Mars. The Aries Woman, born in springtime, seems to possess the tough will of a seed that must push through the frozen ground, survive, and bloom. Like the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries tends to be optimistic, buoyant, fiery, dominant, gutsy, flamboyant, demanding, easily bored, inconsistent, foolish and irrational at times, usually charming, and inexhaustibly enthusiastic. Mars being the mythological god of war, the Aries Woman is also at home as a combatant, competitor, debater, or pioneer; she is frequently what society considers masculine in her manner, appearance, or way of thinking.

Scarlett O'Hara is an example of the Aries type—optimistic, passionate, and sometimes tough to get along with. A survivor though foolishly impulsive, proud to an extreme and fond of challenge, Scarlett glows and rages, fascinates and repulses us. One can dislike her, one can find her irresistible, but one cannot ignore her. She is her own worst enemy, but in the end she endures. She even manages to convince her audience that tragedy can be a way of life, that winning is a wholly subjective experience. To the Aries Woman, being a winner counts heavily indeed.

A woman is the Aries type if she is described by thirty or more of the adjectives on the Checklist of Aries Traits. She need not have been born an Aries (sun in Aries) in order to be an Aries-type woman.

A woman need have no planets in the sign of Aries to be going through an Aries phase. The Aries phase of a woman's growth is characterized by the following:

1. Rash, impulsive decision making.

2. A completely new start in life, or multiple new starts (often involving a business enterprise).

3. Headstrong and/or rebellious attitudes, especially if these are replacing formerly cooperative ones.

4. A highly motivated and stubborn search for independence utilizing avenues which aré more likely to be "masculine" than traditionally feminine (for example, a woman who goes back to school in middle age to study law, or who switches careers though it is highly inconvenient to others).

5. The conscious setting of new challenges, usually in both personal and professional life.

6. A feeling of just batting one's head against the wall, accompanied by a resistance to giving up regardless of what anyone else says; stubborn, unyielding, rebellious, or autonomous thinking.

7. Any medical problems or injuries which repeatedly occur on the head (this indicates an Aries influence but does not by itself mean an Aries phase).

The Aries Woman is usually an eternal optimist, facing many exhausting starts and stops with strength. Tomorrow is indeed another day for her, as it has ever been for Gone With the Wind's Scarlett.

Highly Motivated, Pioneering Leader, Needs Challenge

The Aries Woman is frequently capable of running more than five things at a time and often does so. She is typically bom with an intense drive to succeed, an impatient compulsion to rise to the top. She usually has a need to prove herself, to have control over a situation, and together these traits enable her to find management positions quickly. Only Saturn-ruled, ultra-ambitious Capricorn joins the ranks of leaders as consistently, though perhaps not as fast, as the Aries Woman.

In order to function at optimum capacity, the Aries Woman needs to be mentally challenged. Her mind is usually her strongest point, though she may also be physically powerful and is often very attractive.

Aries is seldom lazy and often feels compelled to do, accomplish, produce. If she is merely sitting, she may feel unproductive and become frustrated or begin to brood. She must constantly exercise her mind and her options in the society at large. She needs to know she can externalize her impulse for leadership and action, sooner or later finding dynamic outlets for her ambition and frequently remarkable initiative.

In her private life, the Aries Woman needs to be challenged to grow. She must learn to release control from time to time and to be willing to show her weaknesses as well as her strengths.

Strong Personality

One thing about Aries that no one will dispute is that she is likely to stand out because of her zany clothes, her confident stride, her dominating body language, or her loud, booming voice. Whatever the means, she attracts attention naturally. If she is the rare shy Aries, she will still find a way to seem odd enough to be noticed.

Her personal magnetism, coupled with vibrant energy and an indomitable spirit help her overcome and face change with courage. People sense this about her and often look to her for guidance or leadership, roles she is likely to accept.


The Aries Woman frequently makes her own luck, as well as her own misery. She seems to have a sort of cosmic protective mechanism that helps those who help themselves. In her case, as her luck would have it, she keeps the mechanism working by thorough preparation and by taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

Positive, Optimistic, a Winner

Part of her good fortune, as well as part of her strength, comes from her inborn optimism. Lady Aries is frequently a winner in the stakes of life. She is bound to have set and met her own obstacle course. Deep down, she believes she can lick just about anything, and she often does. She manufactures her own sunshine and can usually lighten a tale of woe. Friends often count on her to cheer them up, and even confirmed pessimists tend to smile at the childlike optimism with which she greets life.

Rebellious, Insensitive, Risk Taker

The Aries Woman is frequently short on compassion and sensitivity. Let others take care of themselves, she may say. She often finds it difficult to empathize with people's troubles, instead dismissing them with a wave of her hand as mere temporary setbacks. She may need to respect others' feelings more, to tone down her internal cacophony and hear their music.

Her need for stimulation may be so potent that it outweighs her need for security. This may enable her to take risks remarkably easily, but it may also make her harsh, insensitive to another person's concern with safety. She herself is apt to find such thoughts too constraining. She typically hates limitation, sometimes rebelling against conventions her parents and society consider necessary to the upbringing of a "good girl." She seldom wants to learn how to nurture people in the stereotypical feminine sense of the word; she may resent staying home to bake cookies, do the household chores, and quietly support her man. Details are not usually her forte, nor is self-effacing supportiveness.

Impatient, Impulsive

The Aries Woman marches to her own beat and is often reluctant to assume dis-cipleship as a prelude to leadership. Especially when young, she would rather pole-vault than climb.

For example, at an airline counter or a personnel office, she may be so impatient that she doesn't care who is in line or what their needs are.

These me-first moves may get her what she wants on a short-term basis: she may be first to purchase a ticket or land an interview. But it is likely that in the long run she alienates the very people who may be more important than that ticket. However, her personal, immediate needs often act on her with such speed and force that she forgets other considerations. The Aries Woman can block herself by acting impulsively on short-term needs, seeking their satisfaction alone and rejecting compromises.

A grave danger of her impatience is that it may make her skip through experiences too quickly, especially early in life. She has a tendency to stay on the surface and not dwell in the depths. At times it may be necessary for Aries to sift through her emotions and live through an experience more fully.

Competitive, Dominant, Responsible

The Aries Woman has a potent chemistry, a powerful impact, high-frequency vibrations, intelligence, and strong will power. Her mental horizons are generally broad, and she may get scattered. She tends to resist the limitations society has put on women, often preferring to run free, live untrammeled. She almost universally seeks to relate to men as equals and to achieve on the same level. She has an optimistic view of the world and may regard it as a setting in which to prove herself in many roles. She typically wants to compete and win without playing games of submission. She knows there are games and may consider them a waste of time. And if there are rules to the games, she would rather make them up herself.

The Aries Woman is willing to take total responsibility for running a home, a business, or a life. When she tries to run not only her own life but the lives of those around her, she can unknowingly create interpersonal problems. But this same tendency ensures her access to the business world and the world of high finance.


Classical astrology teaches that Aries types are pioneers, and this is true. But today's Aries Woman must decide how to cope with this inborn trait and live with it happily in a male-dominated world.

It is very important to accept one's inherent qualities, negative as well as positive. In the case of the Aries Woman, it is important that she acknowledge her own impatience, her selfishness, her tendency to thrust herself headlong into an experience and then rush out of it. It is important that she accept these traits as part of her, peculiar to her self and her Aries heritage. Once accepted, they can be put to highly positive uses. As an entrepreneur or pioneer she may have conflicts about traditional female roles, but the Aries Woman also has tremendous potential for accomplishment and individual achievement.

"Masculine" or Just Different, Androgynous

The Aries Woman is frequently subconsciously aware of feeling somehow different from other women. Sometimes she is comfortable with this awareness and uses it to her advantage. More often, she experiences it as a kind of emotional exile. Born in a female body, she very often has what we call a male consciousness.

The Aries Woman is born to a difficult task. If she wants it, hers is the challenge of creating the twentieth-century model of androgynous behavior. The word androgynous comes from the Greek words andro ("male") and gyne ("female"). To a certain degree we are all androgynous, but the Aries Woman has an exceptionally well-developed male side. She is thus capable very early in her development of uniting and synthesizing important aspects of the male and female in one body and personality.

Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist who studied with Freud before branching into astrology and metaphysics, believed that everyone has a contrasexual inner partner. His theory has had a major impact on our understanding of the human psyche.

Jung taught that inside every man is a woman. He called her the anima, or inner feminine partner who acts as a man's guiding spirit and puts him in touch with his deepest feminine instincts. As long as the anima is repressed (as it appears to be in most Western men), the man projects his femininity onto the woman with whom he is most closely involved emotionally. She then carries all the subconscious projections of his affective (feminine) needs and complexes.

Jung also believed that every woman has an animus, an inner male partner representing "masculine" needs such as action, achievement, and logic. Repressed, the animus is projected onto the man in her life, much as a spodight projects colors on a screen. The most special man—father, lover, or husband—is the screen for the repressed needs of her animus.

In practical terms, this means that women, until they mature into self-knowledge, expect men to live out their own repressed needs for action, achievement, power, aggression, or independence. What distinguishes the Aries Woman is that she is closer than most to her own animus. She is frequently able to be active, powerful, achieving. On the other hand, she is frequently unable to be receptive, passive, and emotionally vulnerable. The task of integration is everyone's task. The challenge for Aries is to learn to be more "feminine."

Extroverted, Easily Angered

The unconscious repression of anger, guilt, or fear can create illness. No one can truly enjoy life or sustain love and creative achievement without reducing and eliminating negative emotions.

Different women react in different ways to emotional stress and restrictive pressures. Pisces tends to daydream and overindulge in drink or drugs; Sagittarius may travel; Virgo may overwork; Taurus may collect; and Cancer may eat. Aries mosdy reacts by fighting back. She is easily frustrated and angered, and she often flies off the handle.

The Aries Woman tends to be naturally extroverted and able to blow off steam, an advantage when it comes to releasing negative emotions. She is usually proud and self-righteous, often finding it easier to show anger than hurt. She is likely to override her guilt about hurting someone and vent her frustrations readily, resembling a child who expects to be excused on the basis of high spirits or inexperience.

High Self-esteem, Good Sense of Humor, Detached

The Aries Woman is normally quite self-confident, often courageous, and goes after what she wants. Everyone has pangs of anxiety and suffers from fits of insecurity, and she is no exception; but her fears usually fuel, not block, her drive to prove herself. "Get on with it"—no matter what the cost or consequences—is frequently her motto. She consolidates her self-esteem through action and the exercise of leadership. If she opts for a career outside the home, she tends to do so out of a deep need—to earn full self-respect.

She tends to have a fine sense of humor. She likes to laugh and see the absurd side of life. Existential nightmares are not her cup of tea, and she is unlikely to feel sorry for any character patient enough to do nothing but wait for Godot. To Aries, involvement in life is essential, and it seems to her that one can hardly accomplish that without laughter. Her pride may be the only stumbling block that prevents her from laughing gaily at herself as well.

Her sense of humor may sometimes serve to keep her detached from details and from other people's troubles. Aries frequently feels more than a touch of arrogance and superiority, and she may use her humor to shield herself from the complications of the world at large.

Selfish, Proud

The Aries Woman, like all fire types, is normally quite selfish. Her insensitivity and impatience may diminish as she matures. Intuitive, perceptive, and proud, she tends to overestimate her own talents. She may go through life with a thinly disguised god complex and a conveniently hazy memory for the frailties of human nature, above all her own.

Under her extroverted expressiveness lies a basic trait that may impede her growth—pride. On the positive side, it may help her to resist failure and defeat. On the negative side, she may manipulate feelings and people to make it appear that she never loses. She must remember that pride is double-edged and try to use it in an affirmative way.

High Libido, Dislikes Details

Early in life, the typical Aries Woman feels unable or unwilling to shoulder heavy emotional involvements. She wants few responsibilities and is apt to cast off restrictions or obligations almost on principle. Rather than expose herself to pain, she may rush on, frustrated and impatient. She will almost surely bail out of those relationships that promise growth only after struggle and confrontation with her deeper self. This tends to change in her thirties, when she may be more tolerant.

She may search for the best, fastest, and most unique love and sex experiences around, but she seldom stops long enough to give people a second chance. She is a quick study and a quick judge but can make some bad mistakes. Though she is loyal once she settles on a commitment, if a Niagara of energy does not flow in her direction, she may just wander off on more adventurous pathways.

She has the passion and appetite for living that the French call joie de vivre. Her goal in life is not only to survive but to climb every mountain and test every peak.

Arrogant, Blunt, Easily Bored

The Aries Woman may feel that she knows more and knows it better than most, that she should be first and be unquestionably accepted as best. By viewing herself in permanent competition with others, and by gauging herself in terms of an illusory perfection, she puts herself under a lot of pressure. She tends to be extremely hard on herself and demanding of others.

She is usually frank, blunt, and quick-spoken. She dislikes beating around the bush. If you don't really want an answer to a question you ask Aries, I advise you not to ask. She tends to answer the most embarrassing questions with often embarrassing answers, even on occasions when not asked. Putting her foot in her mouth is an Aries pasdme, and discretion is rarely her preferred mode of communication. Aries also dislikes secrets, and devious Scorpio is a challenge to her and tends to drive her to distraction. When Aries feels that she is not "in the know," she can be insufferable with her relendess questions or satirical observations, all designed to ferret out the desired information.

The Aries Woman generally cannot stand being left out, nor can she tolerate boredom. She will sometimes go to extremes to shake up a scene that appears pleasantly tranquil to others but that she experiences as dangerously stifling. She seems constitutionally opposed to restrictions and considers boredom the biggest drain on her energies.

Dynamic, Charismatic, Catalyst

Some may find Aries difficult to live with, but she is usually the most exciting person around, and a very good friend. A flattering description of her is "dynamic," though others may call her pushy. In any case, the Aries Woman has that indefinable something we call charisma. Energetic and vital, she often attracts people who are bored or depressed, more resigned to routine than she is, and can turn them on to life again.

She is frequently a catalyst even before she knows what the word means. As a teacher, she may inspire her pupils to think in fresh ways. As a parent, she may raise her children to be independent and capable of originality. As a woman, she may choose a lifestyle, or more than one, that is not the norm. By defying social convention, she can show others the value of being a ram rather than an unquestioning sheep.

Huntress, Idealist

The Aries Woman tends to like the chase as much or more than the conquest. She is not usually interested in possession, either, preferring the free-spirited, unhampered path of the trailblazer. She may idealistically believe that a new world is coming and that we do better to look ahead rather than backwards. No matter how harsh the present seems, Aries can usually pull herself out of the doldrums, resist the popular "it ain't worth it" philosophy, and go back to the barricades to fight for her cause. Aries usually pursues the positive path and is capable of bringing joy to many people.

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