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The Aquarius Woman, due to her innate sense of curiosity and her experimental attitudes, has a propensity to explore all avenues of sexual enjoyment, fulfillment, and enlightenment. She will probably be most happy when her sexual life is a combination of the traditional and futuristic. Employing the missionary position during a videotape playback of 2001 in her bedroom suits her fine.

She believes that the brain is the most potent sexual organ in the body. She will use hers imaginatively, if not calculatingly, to extract hidden urges and fantasies in her lover. Thus, she is sometimes more a spectator or prompter in sexual liaisons than a participant on the same level. She hungers for approval in everything, and sex is no exception. If she can bring about a complete, exhausting and frenzied orgasm in her man, she feels she has accomplished what she was supposed to.

Her controlled attitudes toward life overlap with her passionate need for experimentation. One can imagine seeing her, fully unclothed, walking through piles of bodies at an orgy, and taking notes or giving helpful hints to participants. She is willing to be a part of sexual experiences that are societally "abnormal" but insists that she only perform to the limits she has established for herself. Of course, those limits expand considerably if she thinks her performance can be kept a secret.

Sometimes, in the middle of sharing the most intimate sexual contact, her mind will catch on something else, and alas, the magic of melding bodies fails again. Her aloofness and fear of vulnerability seem to force her mind to think other thoughts when sex becomes too close to union with one other person. The man who thinks he can trap her into divulging some of her well-guarded inner secrets by passionate touch, feel, kiss, bite, and nibble or deep, purposeful thrusting is fooling only himself. She seldom falls victim to this ploy; in fact, one imagines that she is more often the perpetrator of this game than the victim.

The fact that she trusts her mind far more than she does her body is frequently evidenced by the lack of care she gives her appearance. She can be downright unappealing at times, but the glimmer of the future in her eyes and the subde modesty she projects often cause men to overlook the less-than-perfect condition of the package to find out what surprises it holds for them.

She often promises more than she delivers. The Aquarius Woman has a deep need to fall for a man totally, to be giddily in love and full of sexual abandon. In theory, as is true of many aspects of her life, she is a true lover. In practice, however, she is determined to keep passion just below the overwhelming point on the scale.

The Aquarius Woman likes her man (or men) to be available for her, but they cannot possibly demand equal time. She is perhaps one of the most frustrating of the Zodiacal signs—a true devotee of emotional armoring. She embraces the idea of union between men and women but is undemonstrative and demands her privacy when her imaginative and emotional fuel is in need of replenishing.

When the Aquarius Woman finds that the marriage she is involved in isn't what she thought it would be, she often turns to other men. In fact, all through her married life she finds other men sexually attractive if they are intellectually attractive as well. The fact that she can be dogmatically moralistic and old-fashioned causes much inner turmoil when her sexual mind wanders.

What is often labeled the "double standard" is not found in the Aquarius Woman. It may seem so indeed but is more than probably the result of her being ruled by two planets. She has many conflicts in her attitudes and impressions, and sex does not escape this confusion either.

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