Aquarius Lifestyles

There are lifestyles to come that most haven't even given a thought to. Aquarius has. Her broad-mindedness and futuristic thought promote good brainstorming in this area. Her need for acceptance and her civilized nature sometimes inhibit her from promoting much of what she thinks would help people and enhance their lifestyles. She is so group-conscious, however, that any alternative to the exclusivity of marriage and nuclear families appeals to her.

While she's chairing a fund-raiser for war refugees, she's probably thinking of a way to include them in her community. When she's ladling gravy for the evening meal, she is possibly thinking about how different it would be if she were serving her meal to a large group of people she has embraced as her family. Such are the powers of her mind. If she really feels intent on a problem or on the plight of some less fortunate group of people, it becomes an issue in her entire life, from cooking meals to having sex to buttonholing people at the shopping center. She has the self-confidence and drive to effect great changes in our lifestyles, and the originator of a new or emerging style of living is often an Aquarian.

The Aquarius Woman is especially keen on the plight of other women who have become bogged down in the traditional roles they have been assigned. She feels that liberating them from the humdrum of their lives is her task, and she will go to great ends to accomplish it. She feels that the right to choose a lifestyle has been taken from oppressed women and that she can spur them on to break away and create alternatives within the structures they have built. Aquarius is not much of a revolutionary in terms of destroying or annihilating what's presently here and replacing it with something new. She often believes in rearranging what you have to achieve more equality and embrace more of life.

Though she works hard to help others, her own life is sometimes in need of "re-habbing." She is inherently nonpossessive, but when her refined taste for quality and "good things" becomes prominent, she can get hung up on ownership. If it's hers, it's hers; she can even become rather greedy. Perhaps this is because she often spends so little time with her own personal life that when she does, it is rather like an obsession with privacy.

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