Taurus Girl Explosive Anger

Alexander Lowen, m.d.


This anger eventually overloads her circuits. She will explode in blind rage months or years after the events causing the original pain. The incident that triggers her explosion may be so minor that it has little relation to the scope of her anger.

Women have to walk a delicate tightrope in expressing emotion. They are conditioned to deny negative feelings other than jealousy. The Taurus Woman knows her place and respects authority. These attitudes reinforce the denial of her deep, sensitive nature. She fails to recognize when someone has taken advantage of her, and she is often unaware of her legitimate right to a healthy expression of anger. And most Taurus women have problems understanding when it is appropriate to release frustration and anger.

The following are examples of how the Taurus Woman can mask her true emotions and repress anger.

In her thirties, Taurus develops a caustic, controlled style for dealing with life's displeasures. She uses icy rhetoric to deliver nonstop lectures when her ire is even slightly aroused. This defense mechanism keeps her feelings at a safe distance.

She may become expert at baiting others into angry confrontations. She maintains a smug look, smiles superficially, and merrily waltzes away. It's as if the expression of their anger helps to relieve the pressure of her own. She also uses this tactic to reinforce her feelings of control. She can become preoccupied with this type of game playing rather than confront the unhappiness or resentment she feels within.

Her life is full of shoulds. She loves to should everyone else into her way of thinking. Her judgment of them can be harsh and unforgiving. (It is only used to keep her feelings of self-hate at bay. She projects her repressed anger and unhappiness onto others.)

She often avoids anger by overwork, especially if she is avoiding domestic unpleasantness. She is too tired from discharging all her responsibilities to truly interact with her mate. If she doesn't get down to the source of the problem, then she doesn't have to get angry. The result of this tactic is too often deterioration of her sex life. It can become the perfunctory "Wednesday night after the children have gone to sleep but before it gets too late."

The Taurus Woman's innate fear of helpless surrender to the forces of nature both motivates and detracts from her internal balance. Only when she feels dislodged from her stable center will she move to regain equanimity. Her complex reactions to events around her are usually well hidden.

The Taurus Woman is often uncomfortable with emotional expression that connotes lack of control. In this case, tears are the ultimate sign of weakness. She fears others will think she is not really adequate. She remains intensely private about her inner desires, fears, and anger. The same characteristics that give the Taurus Woman the strength and stamina to conquer misfortune render her helpless in expressing hurt, fear, frustration, and anger in a constructive, self-caring manner.

The roots of her anger often lie in her feelings of inferiority and insecurity. She is not given to self-analysis, nor to seeking advice, except from a few close confidants. She has few intimates because of her fear of losing control and being too vulnerable to the winds of love and lust. She rarely permits honest, useful feedback.

She feels her anger is unwarranted. Her greatest problem in this area is that her buried anger often gets translated into depression, self-hatred, and despair. She is once again caught on the horns of dilemma. She often idolizes her mother and remembers that she was always instructed to be a good little girl. Like her Virgo sister, she is preoccupied with doing the right thing. She still must cope with the illusions that are forced on women from childhood on: good little girls do not talk back.

Her body, however, has always been aware of her feelings. The physical toll of repressed anger is indeed great. She may gain weight or experience severe neck and shoulder pain, migraine headaches, even repeated sore throats from tightening her throat muscles in response to displeasure. She blocks her emotions so skillfully that a severe strain is placed on the heart, which can eventually result in heart attack.

Unlike the delicate Cancer or the more ethereal, watery Pisces, Taurus has a strong body and can endure years of this kind of self-abuse. She may become withdrawn and quiet, but the effects of her suppressed rage will eventually surface.

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