Recognizing that she has male and female energies working in her, the Cosmic Woman seeks to understand this phenomenon and learn to utilize both in her quest for self-actualization.

Tired of the Cancer phase that has dominated our national life, where the female is expected to be submissive, bending, ultrafeminine, and a homemaker, women in the 1960s entered into the man's world with all the considerable force their male energy could muster. They sought to imitate men and thus became victims of the same trap that men have been caught in for so long. Aggressive, cutthroat, deceitful, egotistical, and a dozen other destructive adjectives became a way of life for women. They lost much of the femininity they had possessed and took on many of the negative characteristics of their male counterparts.

The Cosmic Woman is well on her way to being androgynous, that is, accepting and working with both the male and female energies she has within her. The concept is welcome, for it provides a way out of the dilemma described above. She is able to incorporate both elements into her personality and utilize whatever is appropriate for the problem at hand.

Once she is able to establish this kind of internal dialogue, the energies flow with a natural symphonic grace. She experiences herself as a totality and is better able to interact with others who likewise have this dual nature. The longing and searching of her Gemini phase were well spent, for she has found her other half, right inside herself. From this point on, her interactions will be much more dynamic as she relates to both the male and female energies in herself and her beloved.

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    What zodiac sign is male female and androgyne?
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