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The Capricorn Woman's astrological symbol is the goat—sometimes the mountain goat, sometimes the sea goat. The mountain goat is usually depicted on a rock, scaling the heights, surefooted and alone. The sea goat is half-goat, half-fish, representing the ability to go far and feel deeply. Her ancient symbol was the unicorn. Its single horn symbolizes the Capricorn Woman's single-minded determination to reach her goals. She has intense powers of concentration, and she never quits any race that is important to her. She may be the tortoise instead of the hare, but we all know who won that competition!

She is persistent in her aims, though she may adapt her methods to the circumstances. She is a good judge of opportunity and will take advantage of it too, though she has a problem deciding things quickly. Some people think she is an opportunist, but this is often a sour-grapes evaluation.

She has grand designs hidden in her multilayered psyche. For one, she harbors visions of entering the establishment and making big money. She often imagines her name in neon on Broadway. Universally, her goal is to be recognized by those she respects. She may want to be remembered in the history books as a powerful political figure, or she may choose to be the power behind the throne. If she takes the strict domestic route, she will surely push and encourage her husband from her rung a step below.

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