Altruistic Truthful

The Aquarius Woman is bound to be a charitable, humane, fair person who gives people in general a fair shake. She may be a tireless worker and crusader, for she is fundamentally decent and wishes to give her best to any commitment. She tends to be conscientious, responsible, dutiful, kind, humane, and trustworthy. She often employs her talents to benefit others. She frequently has artistic gifts, such as painting, singing, or writing. She tends to be good with her hands and may enjoy sewing, crafts, and cooking. These activities are especially good for her; they balance her overactive mind and anchor her to the physical world.

She is as good as her word. She says nothing she does not mean, and if she has little to say, there is often meaning in her omissions. She can sometimes feel sorry for herself and become reclusive. She may fall in the trap of doing everything for everyone and nothing for herself. She can be a passive manipulator, but most often she tries to be honest, analytical, incisive, and active. She does not like to feel she owes people; thus, she tries to avoid situations that make her dependent on others. She may be happier working at home or working in a small business, perhaps self-employed, than in large, bureaucratic corporations. Though she can learn and do anything she sets her mind to, she usually prefers not to expend energy on power games.

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