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SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: Her tenacity, persistence, and patience can enable Taurus to embrace this lifestyle. Although she delights in companionship and sexual fulfillment, she will remain single until she has found her Crown Prince. Her need for the highest quality in everything, including her men, makes her very selective. Once she has found her "ideal man," she will probably firm the relationship up and make a strong commitment within months. And should she somehow slip up and make a wrong choice (which is seldom) you can count on her to be the last to recognize and admit it.

The Taurus Woman prefers men to women in friendship. Her possessiveness may get in the way of her natural flow with people, but she will exercise her patience and tolerance to overcome this if she feels the end result will be worth it. She is close to expert at endearing herself to others, and when she gets a good handle on the worth of exchanging experiences with friends, she makes good choices.

OPEN MARRIAGE: This arrangement almost never works for Taurus! Her innate possessiveness and jealousy generally preclude even slight consideration of this alternative. The mere thought of giving another woman permission to enjoy her man can cause her thinly veiled self-doubt to emerge and devastate her for days.

The Taurus Woman can be very understanding and sensitive to others, and she is loath to infringe on anyone's right to seek happiness and fulfillment where they choose. She will probably even listen to the close friend who has entered into an open marriage tell of the joys, the peaks of enlightenment, and the satisfaction such a relationship has given her. Listening with interest and performing are two vastly different things, however, and Taurus is relatively unshakeable in this case.

MÉNAGE A TROIS: Again, her jealousy and possessiveness do not lend themselves to this kind of sharing. Taurus is more apt to try it during that rare trip to Southern California to visit an old college roommate—but only if she is sure it will remain her secret, and if she has a deep-seated trust in the people she joins.

This situation could be ideal for Taurus; it could help her bolster her inner security, eradicate her deep attachment to possessions (her man being the primary one), and even enhance her self-esteem. The possibilities are endless: her husband could reassure her of her own place of divine prominence in his life by allowing her the experience of even more sexual fulfillment; after a night of romping, touching, and feeling, she would still be the one waking up in his arms and padding off to tend his breakfast. She could then see the folly of considering her man as another of her possessions as she witnessed him temporarily "belonging" to another. Alas, unless Taurus has evolved dramatically, she is destined to stick to her routines, which never include sharing her man.

COMMUNAL LIVING: Taurus is an excellent candidate for the communal lifestyle, especially if she is entering as a single woman. She loves to care for people and help them make good decisions for themselves (though often she tries to determine exactly what is or isn't a good decision). The gardens and larders of this commune would be the envy of the county, for she loves few things more than working the soil and tending the kitchen. Her practicality and productivity can be infectious and can serve to solidify the diverse attitudes of the residents. Her love of teaching and her tremendous money-management talents could prove invaluable.

The problems would arise when her possessiveness and jealousy took over. She could easily assume "ownership" of each and every member and then be crushed if anyone tried to contribute equally. It would become her commune, and although she would generously provide for everyone, the spirit of the concept would ultimately be lost.

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: If she opens up to another woman in intimate circumstances, the Taurus Woman often finds she prefers the gentle interchange. Her sexual needs are great, indeed, but she prefers lengthy, sensual, and erotic sessions in bed. Another woman can often identify with the attention to detail and the give-and-take attitude that typify the Taurus Woman's sexuality. Taurus's strong masculine side can be attractive to feminine women. And if this lady of the earth overcomes some of her deep-seated conservatism, she can often grow to accept the love she gives to and gets from another woman.

Insofar as bisexuality is concerned, if it requires sharing her man with another woman in a ménage à trois situation, she will probably reject it. If, in a dating situation, she finds herself equally attracted to men and women, she will indeed have a dilemma on her hands. She can't get what she needs totally from either in this case, and she is prone to settling down with one person for life. This could be another ideal situation for her to grow into. Learning to share her possessions opens up all kinds of new options for her developing adaptability.

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