Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: There are some Virgo women who remain single all their lives, more or less happily; they may substitute work for pleasure, and they may rise to dizzying career heights. This is not an unusual lifestyle for Lady Virgo, either on a permanent basis or from time to time. She tends to like her privacy and is basically self-sufficient. She may prefer to keep her female friendships separate from her male friendships, each category precise in its place.

OPEN MARRIAGE: The Virgo Woman tends to be too traditional for a sexually open marriage, though I have met a few who tried it as a last resort. Not one has stuck with it, however. This is an unlikely choice for her, but it may be an instructive experiment.

MÉNAGE Á TROIS: Virgo may try it, especially with her man and another woman if she has bisexual or homosexual leanings.

COMMUNAL LIVING: She is unlikely to get involved with this lifestyle. If, by chance, she tries it, she will probably want to see to it that the living quarters are clean and the administration is proceeding smoothly.

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: I have met quite a few Virgo-type women who have tried one or the other. The Virgo lesbian tends to commit to one woman in a dynamic, long-term partnership, often revolving around careers in the medical or therapeutic professions.

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