Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: From time to time, this is a good lifestyle for her, but she must be careful not to let it go on too long lest her tendency to depression assert itself. She needs companionship and cheerfulness, and living alone is not always good for her. She tends to have friends of both genders and can become part of a close-knit group, though casual sexual involvement is not for her.

OPEN MARRIAGE: This arrangement is just about impossible for Capricorn. She is possessive, and her need to be exclusive is permanent. She is quite happy with monogamy.

MÉNAGE À TROIS: This arrangement, whereby couples may share their bed with a third person, is fine as a temporary exploration of her potential for relating. She should stay away from Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini types.

COMMUNAL LIVING: Capricorn likes insular lifestyles. If a commune is formed in an atmosphere of trust and financial and emotional security, she may give it a try. Rest assured she will play a central role in its organization and structure.

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: The Capricorn Woman's male side is often more highly developed than her female side. Though she is generally so desirous of being accepted that it is difficult for her to depart from the norm, she may wish to pursue her own feminine nature in relationships with women. If she finds a partner willing to support her need to achieve while assuaging her anxiety and self-doubt, she will respond with profound loyalty and love.

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