Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: Pisces does not do well living alone. She needs the energy of other people. The support of close friendships and occasional lovers may help, but this lifestyle is definitely not recommended, especially when she is down on herself. Single motherhood is a possibility, but she will have to guard against reversing roles and becoming too dependent on her child.

OPEN MARRIAGE: This is a once-revolutionary lifestyle of the sixties, which seems to have continued in a minor way. It is not recommended for Pisces.

MÉNAGE À TROIS: A possible temporary arrangement, in which couples may share their residences and sex lives with a third person. The foundation between the primary partners must be solid, and both partners must want the third. Pisces may find herself caught in an untenable situation and used in games played by the other two.

COMMUNAL LIVING: Pisces gladly undertakes shared household routines and can thrive on communal pastimes. This is a good choice for the Pisces Woman as long as her partners' commitments are clear and her territory is not in jeopardy.

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: Pisces is a double-bodied, mutable sign. Though her conservative streak is strong, she often finds herself deeply attracted to other women. She must, however, transcend the idealization and dependency-anger-rejection pattern of her relationship with her mother to find happiness in this lifestyle.

The common denominator of all this is change. The Piscean needs change. Her attitudes and values shift, and as a result her behavior changes. In her twenties Pisces is different from the person she will be in her fifties. She finds a new level of sexuality in each phase. New partners become available as old ones go. Her willingness to work on a primary relationship may ebb and flow.

What varies from type to type, age group to age group, phase to phase, and culture to culture is not our need to love and be loved, but the expression of our deepest needs—our courage, confidence, risk-taking ability, interest in growth, communication skills.

If the Piscean finds lasting pleasure in one relationship, she will stay with it. If she takes the affirmative route, she will love living. Monogamous or not, the Piscean is meant to pioneer ways of giving and receiving love.

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