Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN/INTIMATE NETWORKS: The Sagittarius Woman often remains single much longer than her contemporaries; she also may remain single after a particularly difficult divorce. Her talent for making friends and her loyalty to them often provide her with a substitute family. The Sagittarius Woman thrives wonderfully in such a situation, if for no other reason than that it satisfies her need for expansion, giving, intuition, and exploration. She functions well in any type of relationship that discourages jealousy and possessiveness.

Should she decide to remain single, she must ask herself some questions: Are the benefits greater than those found in traditional family situations? Am I afraid of commitment, or am I being realistic about my own needs and idiosyncracies? Is motherhood something I will ultimately miss? Have I the creativity and the personal strength to enjoy later life alone?

OPEN MARRIAGE: It will be to the Sagittarius Woman's advantage in the long run to enter any marriage with openness in mind. She should carefully inspect the true motives of her intended partner and completely educate him about hers before making a marriage commitment. She is often misunderstood, partly because she doesn't make her needs clear enough and partly because she changes so rapidly. If her commitment to her partner is strong enough to withstand her travels, the expansion of her philosophy, and the harshness of her brand of honesty and integrity, she will be able to weather any turbulence that may come her way.

MÉNAGE À TROIS: The Sagittarius Woman has strong, assertive sexual tendencies and may quickly take charge of both her lovers. If she can let it flow and take its course naturally, this type of experimentation will not end in a power struggle.

COMMUNAL LIVING: The Sagittarius Woman is a born teacher and leader; her intuition is invaluable in a communal setting. She believes in conserving and embracing nature, and the often expansive, progressive intent of this lifestyle is well suited to her ideals. Again, she must polish her bluntness and extreme sense of honesty in order to protect the feelings of those with whom she lives. Her eagerness and optimism will help boost the spirits of others when the going gets rough, however— and then, of course, there is her abundance of luck!

GAY/BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE: The Sagittarius Woman is certainly progressive enough for either of these alternatives. Often men present problems of sexual frustration and are unable to satisfy her appetite; they also have a tendency to traditionalize her role. She must, however, restrain her tendency to be the controlling partner in her relationships with women. She rejects role-playing with men; she must not embrace it with her women lovers, either.

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