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aspects of living can be dangerously strong, however. She is a fine caretaker, a sensitive, compassionate artist of living. She can set a perfect table, create a harmonious ambience, and provide comforts to her loved ones. Yet she must be careful to balance these outstanding and necessary qualities with spiritual/emotional love that operates without strings.

The Cancer Woman is an excellent teacher, but she must be sure to teach her children, pupils, or intimates values that will create a healthy society in the long run. A society that considers cars and television sets more important than children is an essentially sick society. In my opinion, one of the great tasks of the Cancer Woman is to understand her own materialism and set its limits, and then to pass on to others the urgent need to evaluate theirs and to put it in correct balance.

The following lines from Muriel Rukeyser's "Wreath of Women" point to yet another important aspect of the Cancer personality:

Women in drudgery know They must be one of four: Whores, artists, saints, and wives.

The Cancer Woman may not mind the routines of housework and childcare; she may indeed thrive on them. She has a tremendous amount to give. She is complex, absorbs information quickly, assimilates it well, and plays any of the above roles dramatically. She is like a tough plant that yet needs regular spring showers to keep it green, to guard the leaves from browning and falling to the ground.

Love may be a problem for her until she learns to love herself. Love may be difficult until she learns to give and get without keeping score. But love is the answer to all her dilemmas, and as she grows and matures, she will more and more find the kind of appreciation, recognition, admiration—and, yes, love—that will give true quality to her life.

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