Aloof yet Friendly

The Aquarius Woman is more likely to be concerned with the welfare of the world than with individual lives. Of course she loves her family and is loyal to her friends, but she thinks in broad sweeps; the large canvas fascinates her more than the details. She respects the natural rhythm of events and considers the order of things more important, and surely more permanent, than her own smallish concepts.

In a way, she has the unique characteristic of having a normal-size ego. She is not nearly as enamored of herself as most of the people she knows. She is seldom narcissistic and always tries to be broad-minded and fair. Her emotional detachment can have healthy effects. She seldom plays the prima donna or creates domestic disharmony purely to feed an overlarge, undernourished ego. She leaves power games to Scorpio, self-pity to Pisces, manipulation to Leo. However, she can use any tool she wants when and if she sets her mind to it.

She is good in groups, for she can balance leadership with fellowship. She can blend and listen or lead and debate. She can synthesize what others say, give credit where credit is due. She tends to find more validity in statistical demonstrations of truth than in unwarranted emotional displays.

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