All or Nothing She Is an Extremist

The Scorpio Woman prefers to wipe the slate clean and begin anew rather than limp along patching up old habits. Her life is a roller coaster through eternity. Unlike the Libra Woman, who swings from pole to pole because she can't decide what to do, the Scorpio Woman wants to experiment and live life to the fullest, from extreme to extreme. She goes from a torrid affair to asceticism, from artist to business woman, from occult study groups to spiritual isolation.

Her motto is that if one does something important, one must do it completely. She is almost incapable of taking the middle road, even under the pressure of public opinion. She is usually able to maintain a cool pose while waiting to pull off a coup. She can metamorphose in just a short time from passive observer (or so we think) to key mover and shaker.

Scorpio energy almost always manifests itself through opposites, and here is why. Deep down, the Scorpio Woman knows she is in life to transform, to fly like an eagle. She has an inner knowledge, harbors a vision of how to recycle herself. She knows how to emerge from the ashes of pain and defeat. On her path, she relendessly pursues extremes of joy and suffering, creation and destruction. It is our perceptions, shaped by heredity and early conditioning, that define her behavior as extreme.

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