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There is an expectancy about the Cosmic Woman that gives her a very alive quality. Knowing that change is the only constant, the Cosmic Woman expects and plans the changes she wants in her life. She uses her powers of imagery and fantasy to imagine what it is she really wants. She clarifies and refines the images until they match the inner feelings she has, and then she expects them to happen. She remains flexible in order to be able to change outer reality according to the impulses she receives from her inner self.

The Cosmic Woman takes good care of her body. She does not ply it with numerous drugs and harsh chemicals that upset its balance. Her vital signs are strong and pulsating, for she has both a will and a desire to live. She studies nutrition and the proper use of vitamins. She sleeps a peaceful sleep, leaving behind the cares of the day as she prepares for a learning session each night. She conserves energy, especially the energy of her own body. She has glowing good health, for she has found the proper balance for her life. She keeps not only her body in shape but also her mind. She tunes it to a positive note. She explores her negative feelings, embraces them, studies them, and works out a solution whereby she can release them. She tries never to go to sleep with unexpressed negative feelings robbing her mind and body of rest. She feels herself in the flow of life. She is conscious of the dynamic interchange of energy that is constantly taking place in an open evolution that surrounds her. This is the source of her vitality.

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100 Health Tips

100 Health Tips

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