Advice to the Man in Her Life

1. Know that you have met your match. Remember always that this woman is your equal in every way, and that she may be more like you than you think.

2. Let your feelings for her develop slowly, as hers will for you. Friendship, not conquest or bewitchment, is the key in relating to her. When you prove your companionability, you have won the better part of her.

3. Be prepared to reciprocate the gift of independence and freedom she offers you. It is sincerely and honestly given, with the expectation that you grant her the same.

4. Stimulate her mentally as well as physically (the latter goes without saying by now!). Engage her interest in your cultural and intellectual pursuits. You can share all of them with her fully, and they will bind her to you far more effectively than will offers of security, tenderness, or protection.

5. Respond to her honesdy at all times. She will never play games with you, and she expects the same. Guard against role playing and manipulation at all costs, for she will sniff them out like a bloodhound and vanish.

6. Don't allow her to test your will with constant surprises or demands. If you can't stand her behavior, deal with her firmly and direcdy. She will only love and respect you more for your strength.

7. Look forward to a life of constant travel, excitement, new faces, and new ideas, as well as frequent spells apart. Domestic bliss is not in your future, but glorious adventure is.

There are many challenges in loving the Sagittarius Woman, and she is worth the effort of meeting every one of them. You will learn more about independence by sharing it with her than you could possibly learn alone. Her relendess honesty is a scourge, but it is also a prism reflecting your every motivation and desire. Use it to examine your own nature, and let it purify you.

Above all, trust her and return her loyalty. She will never lie to you; you can believe whatever she reveals about her life and her feelings. So long as you respect her, she will honor your love and trust. In her special way she is the truest, deepest soulmate you will ever find.

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