Her native restiessness and energy make the Sagittarian Woman highly adaptive. As the Traveler of the Zodiac, she is a wholehearted believer in the motto "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." She is always ready to try new ways—eating couscous with her hands Morroccan style, or joking her way through a first messy meal with chopsticks in a Chinese restaurant. She is very well coordinated, and an excellent mimic, so you won't see her fumbling for long. She picks up new methods and manners quickly, be they of another culture or of a particular social set. This is a major component of the great Sagittarian charm—when she chooses to turn it on.

She makes a perfect candidate for membership in the Peace Corps. She absorbs different cultures, languages, and customs like a sponge. She is so much at home in a foreign land that she is often stopped and asked for directions. She's likely to make a friend during a mere stopover on the way to her destination; on transoceanic cross ings, the ship becomes her domain. Her fellow passengers will be talking about her antics long after they return home.

The flip side of the Sagittarius Woman's adaptability is her capriciousness. Though at times her mutable spirit makes her seem docile as a lamb, she is more like a cat, cooperative when curious, independent and restless when bored. She doesn't bore easily—she's interested in everything—but it's difficult for her to settle down, much less conform, for any length of time. Again, her constant need for stimulation can get in the way of completing long-term projects or tasks that smack more of obligation than of fun. This can lead to ominous backlogs of unfulfilled responsibilities and create a truly nervous Sagittarius.

Nervousness is most likely a tendency for the Sagittarius Woman, and she must learn not to accept responsibilities she cannot handle. Her capriciousness becomes skittishness when onerous jobs pile up, and many a Sagittarius Woman hears the call of the wild if she allows the situation to reach a breaking point. She'll have to learn how to rein in and discipline her ever-restless mind if she intends to enhance her sense of responsibility.

Sagittarius should recognize the benefit of travel as an expansion of her consciousness, one that will ultimately help shape her life goals. Too often, it becomes travel for travel's sake, a thinly veiled excuse for rejecting responsibility and/or boredom.

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