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Patterns in the Gemini Womans Sexual Relationships

The concept of the primary relationship was tailored for the Gemini Woman. She doesn't make commitments easily because of her dual nature, her need for ever-changing scenarios, and her fear of being tied down. She won't directly confront this aspect of her personality instead she will bend over backwards to continue in a sexual relationship with one man while adding others to her stable. She sincerely believes in the Primary Commitment her involvement with other men is simply for variety

Patterns in the Leo Womans Sexual Relationships

The Leo Woman's sexual relationships tend to display the following patterns, which to some extent apply to platonic ties as well. Playing and games are fun, but when it comes to intercourse, she may not want it or enjoy it until well into her twenties. But this won't stop her from being very active sexually, keeping the low-to-medium level of pleasure she derives from intercourse a secret. A tip to men Leo likes lots of foreplay and may often prefer it as the main course. She is bound to be an early enchantress, a Lolita with far more sexual power than she herself can handle. Men respond to her before she herself can respond sexually without guilt or confusion. Her sexuality almost never blooms fully until she is well into her twenties. She may function well sexually but not feel deeply. She may play to a full house and give a lively performance while remaining a semi-virgin at heart. She likes to be involved, but she may like to be admired, craved, and flattered even more.

Patterns in the Capricorn Womans Sexual Relationships

The Capricorn Woman typically displays the following patterns in her sexual relationships 1. Delayed sexual activity and involvement. The few Capricorn women who are sexually active earlier than seventeen or eighteen may run the risk of disillusionment. Capricorn's native puritanical streak and hidden romanticism usually demand devotional love, not easy flings.

An Astrological Reason Why Men and Women Differ about

In general, the average man is more sexually oriented than the average woman. There is an astrological reason for this. There are some aspects that affect men in a different way from women. Specifically, the Mars-Neptune, Mars-Uranus, and Mars-Chiron aspects are male sexual aspects but they are not sexual aspects for women. In other words, we interpret these three aspects differently for men than women when it comes to predicting sexuality. For women, the Mars-Neptune and Mars-Chiron aspects increase the female urge for a family and to want to become pregnant, but they do not increase the desire for sex, nor do they enhance sexual capacity. Women with these two aspects focus on bearing children and not on the sex act. The Mar-Uranus aspect in women provides more energy, but this energy is not specifically sexual in nature.

What She Needs to Learn

The Cancer Woman needs to be totally honest with herself, first and last. Others don't fool her in the long run, but she can fool herself. She is deeply sensuous but apt to be inhibited initially. She prefers to have sex with a man she loves, but there will be times in her life when, for no reason she knows, she feels the urge to seek new horizons, to try sex pure and simple, sex for the sake of sex. She should be prepared for this. The Cancer Woman needs to learn to assert herself openly and directly, both in sex and in the relationship as a whole. She tends to be a passive manipulator and may not know what she really wants. She must overcome her natural tendency toward secretiveness and instead learn the value of exchange. She must tell her partners what she likes done, how, when and she must listen to his sexual needs as well. The Cancer Woman needs to know exactly what she wants, for she can have it. The problems in her sex life and her life as a whole arise from erroneous...

How the Cancer Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

Her romantic life is a different and more complex story. She can find and keep a man what is more difficult for her is to get rid of a man who is wrong for her or, alternatively, to maintain a sexual relationship after years of mothering. The Cancer Woman is a prime candidate for early marriage because her sleepy tumble out of the nest often prompts her to seek instant shelter. If she marries without emotional maturity and sexual experience, she will have problems. She and her mate are bound to grow at a different pace and in different directions over the years. She often marries the wrong man early and finds this out too late just as often, she clings tenaciously to her mistake, hoping against hope to avert defeat or, even worse, ridicule.

Taurus Girl Explosive Anger

She often avoids anger by overwork, especially if she is avoiding domestic unpleasantness. She is too tired from discharging all her responsibilities to truly interact with her mate. If she doesn't get down to the source of the problem, then she doesn't have to get angry. The result of this tactic is too often deterioration of her sex life. It can become the perfunctory Wednesday night after the children have gone to sleep but before it gets too late.

Early Sex Experiences

The Virgo girl may flirt with lesbianism or, less often, with bisexuality. She may have affairs with other girls or mad crushes on girls and women which remain fantasies. She tends to be insecure about her sexuality and about men, and she may prefer all her life to have exclusively female confidantes.

Highly Sexed Vulnerable

Sometimes she explodes with the intensity of a pent-up volcano. In bed, she may act like a puppy who has finally found enough space to run free. She is intensely responsive to a sensitive man who has emotional strength and resilience, enough intelligence to cuddle her, enough sexual experience to last.

Mars through the zodiac

Mars complements the Libran need for love and adds pleasure to a rewarding sex life. The tendency to fall in love at first sight can be attended by an equally sudden falling out, so heartbreak is frequent. The planet in languid mood encourages a tendency to say I can't be bothered , and excuses will be made to delay getting moving - especially when it is time to go to the gym or it is going to rain. Here is good perception and a surprising level of intuition, which should not be ignored. A preponderance for headaches, damage to the head, and slight kidney upsets can also be present.

Sexual Planets and Sexual Aspects

It is a simple fact some people are just more sexually oriented than others. There are those who can live without any sex for a long time and there are those who cannot stand to go without sex for just a few days. This can cause extreme incompatibility. Magi Astrology's rules of interpreting planetary aspects can forewarn us about such a problem. Quite often, in a love relationship, one person wants and needs much more sex than the other and this difference in sexual needs and desires can destroy an otherwise good relationship. This is certainly not the only form of sexual incompatibility, but this type of sexual incompatibility is the easiest thing to determine when you know Magi Astrology. That is because the sexual needs and capacities of a person are readily predictable by analyzing a person's planetary aspects, especially the ones that include a SEXUAL PLANET. There are three sexual planets, meaning that there are three planets whose influences cover areas of sex They are Venus,...

Sex Polymorphous Perversity

A similar set of variations can be found in another techne, that of dream-interpretation. Here the sexual acts themselves are the predictors of other events. Artemidorus, the author of The Interpretation of Dreams, divides sexual acts up into those which are natural, legal and customary, and those which are illegal, and those which are unnatural. (These last include sexual activity with gods, animals, corpses, with oneself, or relations between two women.) If we take one category, the illegal, which is mainly the category of incest, it is divided up into incest between father and son or daughter, nearly always unfavourable, and between son and mother, nearly always favourable. There are a number of factors to be taken into account in the first set of cases the age and normal home of the child, its marital status, the passivity or activity of the partners, and the relative financial situations of the pair. In the second group of cases, it is even more complicated

Astrological Strong Forces For Riches And Fame

Those who have Venus in this house by day will have great reverses of fortune and also late marriages they will have law suits over another woman. Some will be several times widowed. If the Sun or Saturn are in opposition, square aspect, or conjunction with Venus the natives will be sterile, never successful in sexual activity, will never marry, and always be lovers of boys. The misfortunes are less if Venus is in the house or terms of Saturn, Mars, or Mercury. 29. Venus, in conjunction with or in square aspect to the Moon, always indicates illicit loves or scandal with consequent ill fortune. This combination makes the natives mon sters of impure desires or objects of scandal for incestuous relations. Either, as we said above, they have sexual relations with their own sisters or, if with non-relatives, with two sisters together or with daughters or mothers, daughters-in-law or the wives of stepsons, or with children or relatives of sisters.

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

Her broad range of interests and high sense of adventure may lead Sagittarius into simultaneous affairs at some time in her life. She certainly has the physical prowess and mental energy to sustain more than one sexual relationship in the same time frame. It is her characteristic bluntness and occasional insensitivity that will create difficulties when complications in her multiple love life occur.

What Is Magi Astrology

* Will this extraordinarily sexual relationship end in just another one of those burn outs and leave a bitter pile of emotional ashes in its wake * When the ecstasy of the physical attraction that you now have with this person wanes, how do you keep the relationship from becoming another one of those fade-aways How can you replace the sex with the undying selfless love you yearn for and need

How To Give A Sagittarius Woman An Orgasim

For the Sagittarius Woman sex is a celebration, and she brings to each encounter the anticipation of a feast. She looks for a companion spirit in her sexual partner, a fellow traveler with whom to share the cornucopia. She seeks a kindred spirit, not lifelong commitment, and in a brief encounter fellow feeling means more to her than the illusion of love. 4. Multiple orgasms through the night. The Sagittarius Woman experiences many peaks of pleasure, and after a blissful orgasm she will rest peacefully for several minutes and then start all over again.

How To Deal With Plutolet Go And Let Live1

One of my astrology teachers, Charles Jayne, called Pluto the planet of female sexuality. At first, I felt this was rather sexist, but upon deeper study, I agree. While both men and women give birth to things other than children, Pluto represents a feminine type of reproductive process in which you allow something new to grow within yourself, out of the substance of yourself. Like the female sexual organs, this process is internal and hidden and, like the growth of a baby within the womb, Plutonian processes develop gradually. One common keyword for Pluto is transformation. The effect of Pluto by transit is rebirth and transformation and whether the results are positive or negative depends on how well we are able to embrace the deep changes it brings.

The Planets through the Houses

PLUTO These individuals will strive to develop their potential in whatever area attracts them. Determination to win prospective partners is present, and a passionate sex life follows. However, some suffer sexual frustration and inhibition. CHIRON The childish enthusiasm for life that Chiron engenders may be crushed by strict parents demanding maturity. This can dampen expressions of love and sex. SUN Here is a strong need to relate to others, not only on a one-to-one basis, but also more generally good relationships with business partners and colleagues is important too. The Venus sign house placing will be very significant in this case. MOON The Moon increases the ability of these individuals to respond sensitively and well to their partners' needs. A tendency to attempt to be wholly at one with the partner results in suppression of individuality. MERCURY In this case, a lively intellectual rapport will be necessary within all permanent relationships, as too a strong level of pure...

What Creates Our Second Birth Chart

We all have an entire second astrological chart. It is the Declinations Chart, and it has most of the facets of the Zodiac Sign Chart. In other words, the Declinations Charts have planetary aspects, Planetary Geometry, planetary synchronizations, linkages, Super Linkages, and Romantic Super Linkages. Interestingly enough, it is the Declinations Chart that is more likely to tell us about the sexual nature of any relationship we have. That's why we haven't yet talked much about sex, sexual attraction, and compatibility. We needed this extra tool to understand these issues.

Coping with Fear of Intimacy

In one experiment, the researchers put infant monkeys with two mothers. One was made of wire and was the source of milk. The other was covered with cloth. The monkeys mosdy played with the soft cloth mother, cuddling and asking for affection. They would leave only with great reluctance to obtain milk from the wire figure. These monkeys, raised without warm, loving, intimate contact, grew up physically, but in a sense they never became adults. They could not love and were sexually dysfunctional to the point where not one could even assume the correct posture for intercourse. The researchers concluded that intimacy is an essential part of an infant's sexual education and that sexual functioning depends on emotional wholeness.

Torrid or Asexual Possessive

The Scorpio Woman also goes through periods of complete withdrawal from sexual activity. She may do this out of guilt over her promiscuity. She may channel her energies into mental pursuits alone. She may suddenly find that sex falls far short of her extreme expectations and give it up in disgust. Sweeping changes are her style.

What Kind of Lover She Needs

She has the wisdom to put aside her ego gratification in favor of healthy and honest expression. She is secure in her knowledge of sex, sexual needs, and sexual techniques. She needs a lover who shares her vast knowledge and who possesses the same curiosities and childlike sexual wonder. She knows the boundlessness of sex and the depths of feeling that few others are aware of. Her lover, too, must have few traditional barriers. She is the most sexually multidimensional woman in existence. She feels the heights of Mt. Everest, the depths of Neptune's parlor, and the expanse of the entire universe in her sexual enjoyment. She is capable of performing almost any sex act imaginable. She has an understanding of both the missionary position and S&M. She employs the techniques she feels will bring both her and her lover the most ultimate pleasures possible and no matter which skill she demonstrates at any given time, you can be assured it will be with all the love she can muster. If she...

Mars In The Eighth House

You are lusty, earthy and sensual, and your sex life is very important to you. It is often necessary for you to deal with other people's money, sometimes in a public capacity. You are interested in psychic matters and life after death, and may do research in these fields. This is a good position for politicians, surgeons, investigators, psychologists and psychiatrists. You flirt with and are comfortable with the idea of death, and your demise will probably be sudden. If Mars is aspected by Neptune you should avoid involvement with psychic phenomena. Actress Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, composer George Gershwin, baseball player Willie Mays.

How Interaspects Are Formed and Interpreted

As another example, the Venus-Pluto interaspect can result in desire (Venus) for the sex act (Pluto), desire for power (Pluto), love (Venus) of earning power (Pluto), obsessive (Pluto) desires (Venus), and any other interpretations that fit within the range of the symbolisms of Venus and Pluto.

How the Aquarius Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

The Aquarius Woman does not place as high a value on having sex appeal as many of her sisters do. Interestingly, she is often as enticing a puzzle as the woman who tries much harder to attract men. She has an elusive, slightly detached, unconcerned attitude that will whet the appetite of hard-core chasers. She also possesses an innate modesty combined with a subtle intellectual arrogance, an elitism accompanied by a profession of humanitarian concern.

Creative Often Gifted Selfpromoting

Her creativity can be put to use everywhere. She can fire up her mothering, sex life, or career with it. She may plant friendships with her wit, teach, design stage sets, or excel at travel advice and scheduling. Her presence vibrates in her words, her looks, her furniture anything she touches. It is a sad thing if Leo neutralizes herself in order to blend with the Smiths next door, for in denying her style, she is restricting her self-expression.

Sexually Broadminded Erotically Inhibited

She learns very early to keep her strong opinions on personal etiquette to herself and to share them only when absolutely necessary. She may seek a public platform instead. She may write books about sex or become a sex therapist, a counselor of alcoholics with sexual problems, a publisher with a liberated view, or a moviemaker interested in exploring how relationships and lifestyles are changing.

The Importance of Structure

Their sexual needs and expressions will be both vital and time-consuming, and balancing these, along with the pressures entailed by university life, will require some effort. However, Scorpios do not lack common sense, and while curious for life's experiences, they should not lapse into laziness or absence of application.

Sexual compatibility is paramount for scorpio

Sexual compatibility is of enormous importance in a permanent relationship. It is, of course, important in all cases, but for Scorpios it is paramount. Any settling into routine is to be avoided at all costs, and the partner should be as interested in a varied sex life as the Scorpio. A partner who finds any area of sex obscene or repugnant is unlikely to be happy with a Scorpio, for whom experiment and change are a matter of course in this area.

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Venus symbolizes attraction of all kinds, infatuation, desire, attachment, and emotional needs. Venus has dominion over intimacy and sexual energy and desire in the woman it also signifies sex appeal, beauty, grace, fashion and being fashionable, socializing and sociability, and partnerships and the act of unification (such as a wedding), but not the marriage itself. Venus has dominion over combining and coordinating different things, including parts of the body, countries, companies, ideas, and any two things whatsoever. Venus rules the companion and companionship, friendship and friends, being together, joining, cooperating, and merging also possessions, money, social standing, jewels and adornment, and luxury. This is very interesting Venus rules seduction, the act of making love, female sexuality and sexual energy in the woman and it is representative of charm, harmony, and a sense of humor. Venus is a BENEFIC, and therefore symbolizes good luck and elevated levels. A benefic is...

Gemini in permanent relationships

The sex life of Geminians should continue to be lively and enjoyable for many decades. Sometimes Geminian flirtatiousness can get a little out of hand. This is one subject Geminians are not keen to discuss, although discussion may be called for when this happens. If possible, the partners should try to take this in their stride. As years go by, much can be done by partners by striving to maintain their looks, figures, and sex appeal. A bit of rivalry does no harm, and if the Gemini sees their partner getting plenty of attention, half the battle will be won. In such a situation, they are likely to feel flattered, because usually they are not jealous. In fact, they do not really know what jealousy is. They are not particularly possessive either, but sometimes a cross-influence from Venus (see p210) can cause a bit of seething.

Scorpio Relationships

Power means to be able, in whatever domain. For centuries, women have embraced a kind of psychic, sexual, and economic impotence. Even today, female sexuality is thought to exist only when summoned forth by a princely embrace. While the male sex drive is openly acknowledged and widely condoned, females still lack the power to admit to an abstract, independent female sex drive. The concept of a sexually independent woman still seems to many people sordid and unimaginable. And I believe that it is women themselves who withhold the largest chunk of permission.

The Nodes of the Moon in the Houses

I North Node in the second house South Node in the eighth Pursuing financial security through your own efforts and in accordance with your core values brings fulfillment. Relying on others to take care of you, even through inheritance, brings disappointment, as do relationships that are entirely about sex.

What Kind of Man She Needs Most Lovers and Husbands

The man who is highly sexual, experimental, and experienced is a good partner for her. She will follow him every step of the way and may lead him in some. Together, they can create a magnificent dance of fervor and futurism, a sexual act that is never the same, an enticing, sophisticated, limitless splendor.

What Kind of Lover She Is

She does not relish complicated sexual moves. The man who must have his woman in a leather or rubber outfit, who adores slinky, tickly condoms for pleasure, who prefers the frills of sexual congress to the filling meat-and-potatoes approach, is apt to disappoint her. What matters to her is the length of his performance and the force of his thrust. If she never saw a vibrator or wore a sexy peek-a-boo bra, she'd be just as glad. She likes order, even in her sex life. She would probably prefer scheduling her arousal to coincide with his lusty peaks ahead of time, of course.

The Astrological Theory of Personality

In psychological astrology, the planets may be divided into three groups. The first group consists of the basic personal factors Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These planets show what forces we can consciously direct or modify to some extent. These planets characterize the more obvious personality traits and strongest urges in the individual. Everyone experiences a sense of individuality and self-identity (Sun), a way of reacting spontaneously based on conditioned responses (Moon), an ability to reason and to exchange thoughts with others (Mercury), a need and capacity for love and close relationship (Venus), and a drive toward action, self-assertion, and sexual experience (Mars).

Entertaining Stimulating

She has a backlog of interesting things to talk about and is never at a loss for words. She will dredge up some long-forgotten bit of information about the cholera plague of 1850, the sex life of the fruit fly, or the social significance of Philip Johnson's glass house in Connecticut and build an interesting evening's conversation around it. She never tires of telling stories and remembering the funny things that have happened in her nonstop, no-turning-back life.

Uranus In The Eighth House

There may be a few upsets concerning someone else's money, and you should exercise caution in business partnerships. You might find unusual ways of handling or investing other people's money and could benefit by unexpected legacies. You have psychic intuition and are interested in the occult and afterlife. You tend to fall in love with those who cannot reciprocate or gratify your needs. You usually keep your rather unconventional ideas about sex to yourself. You have a

Aries Relationships

Aries often dominates her early sexual relationships. In the first part of her life, she tends to be assertive, even masculine, and may be out of touch with her receptivity, vulnerability, and tender side. Her dependencies are usually deeply buried and may be projected onto men. While she needs proof of love from others, she can seldom ask for it or give it. She probably has not yet learned to nurture herself and others on the deepest feeling levels. The Aries girl is often angry and frustrated throughout adolescence and may find it difficult to accept that she must grow into a woman, with all that means in our culture. She may be the originator of dutch dates. Conversely, she may decide to flaunt her sexuality and use men. Her hostilities may come out in attempts to dominate people or, more constructively, in various leadership positions at school. Margaret explored her sexual feelings with her husband. Unfortunately, he could not accept the fact that his solid citizen wife was...

Taurus Sexuality

Scheherezade surely was a Taurus. Never undertake making love to a Taurus Woman unless a large block of time is available for her to express her repertoire. Just kissing her can bring some men to orgasm. Her touch, both gentle and tender, excites and caresses. Once she sheds her facade and inhibitions, she is capable of crying aloud. Fully aroused, she can go for hours at a time, days on end. When she is in the mood, she is insatiable. However, she wants mutual expression and will not be content just lying there. Sexuality is an integral part of the Taurus Woman's life. She strives to maintain a -certain decorum for the public but is very aware of her sexual drive and feels no shame over it. Often it is tied to her emotions, and it is hard indeed for her to have sex and not fall in love. Although she may have deep-seated insecurities about her self-worth, she does not have any doubts about her sexuality. Her opposite sign is Scorpio, who may have a...

Taurus Lady Breast

Because the Taurus Woman's nature is binary, she is constantly seeking to unite the two parts. Sex and love are no exception. She recognizes that there is a close relationship between the two, but her logic sometimes confuses her. It usually follows that if a man loves her, he wants to have sex with her. This does not necessarily mean that if a man wants to have sex with her, he loves her. Her need for love and affection is as strong as her need for sex. Without love she can feel as empty as a shell from which life has fled. She does not seek to take charge of the sexual relationship and is willing to follow the lead of her mate. She wants to accommodate him and will probably even try anal sex to please him, although she may complain that it hurts. She has little tolerance for pain but often embraces mild discomfort if it enhances the totality of sexual passion. Although she appreciates lusty sex, the warmth and affection that follow are what she really craves. 3. Total involvement of...

Gemini Personality

She takes pride in her ability to entertain and excite men. She so enjoys the chase that she has somewhat of a reputation as a tease, for she doesn't expect to have sex with every man she excites. As volatile as air itself, she catalyzes the environment and the people around her. She is aware and sure of herself. Her antennae are constantiy scanning the room for any change of mood, any subtle nuance, or any stray male who may have entered. She wastes little time in finding her target, and if her fixed gaze does not capture him, she literally talks him into a corner.

Gemini Sexuality

The Gemini Woman tends to be nervous, restless, and tuned to a very high pitch. The close bond between her sexuality and her intellect creates an almost neurotic sex drive. Her search for a lover also becomes a search for an intellectual companion, the lost half of herself. Little wonder that many men find it impossible to understand the Gemini Woman she often misunderstands herself. She has a freedom-loving spirit, but her sex life is often inhibited. She hesitates to try some forms of sex because she thinks they are distasteful. The physical side of life often is hidden away, even though she enjoys dirty talk. Sex with her can be explosive. However, unless it is attractively and effectively packaged and satisfies her seemingly neurotic needs, it will evaporate into the air like a warm breath on a winter day. The other key word is integration. Gemini unites sex with a number of her other strong needs, and if deeper, emotional needs axe not being satisfied, she is often sexually...

Defensive Approach

Cancerians make wonderfully sensual lovers, and while enjoying an expressive sex life, their caring and protective instincts can lead to a rather claustrophobic atmosphere. They can become something of a clucking hen, constantly asking their partners if they have everything they need, and if there is anything that can be done for them - even over-emphasizing the care needed when crossing a road, slicing bread, or staying out after dark. For a strongly independent partner who needs freedom of expression within a relationship, there will be differences that must be sorted before any attempt to deepen the commitment is undertaken.

Love and Friendship

The most important element in a partnership with an Aquarian is friendship. There must always be plenty to talk about, to discuss, and to argue over but if there has been a row, cool indifference - even in a serious disagreement - is likely. Somewhere along the line it may be necessary for the non-Aquarian partner to find ways of thawing out the chilly one. The thaw will happen over time -and so it should, for otherwise the feeling that the couple are moving in opposite directions will have a damaging effect. Even if togetherness as a slightly gooey and sticky concept is not an especially cosy element of their relationship, a warm, glowing friendship and good sex should be.

Sun sign libra

The influence of the sun plus emotional strength from Venus provides a force which will be useful in furthering all spheres of these people's lives, and in enhancing the sex life. Provided that jealousy is guarded against at all times, here are exciting individuals who will be considerate towards their partners. A flair for making and spending money.

Aquarius Lifestyles

If she really feels intent on a problem or on the plight of some less fortunate group of people, it becomes an issue in her entire life, from cooking meals to having sex to buttonholing people at the shopping center. She has the self-confidence and drive to effect great changes in our lifestyles, and the originator of a new or emerging style of living is often an Aquarian.

Early Adulthood

In her early sexual relationships, Pisces is passive and dependent. Her submission to the male is a tactic she thinks she must use in order to catch and hold him. She quickly pours the contents of her erotic-emotional self into her sexual relationship. This paves a sure road to dependence and trouble. Pisces does not wish to compete with her man. What she wants is male approval and protection. In a sexual relationship, she becomes exclusive and reclusive through her attachment to her partner. She adores her man in a potential climate of jealousy. Eventual breakup may result in anger, if her mates seek other sources of affection. A child breaking away from the all-powerful mother, the single source of affection, has just as hard a time as the mate of the Pisces Woman, should his eye wander.


Jealousy is the Scorpio Woman's Achilles' heel, her very own double standard. She may have sex with more than one partner, but she will not tolerate the situation in reverse. We don't know if jealousy is a learned or inborn behavior, but it seems to me that in Scorpio's case it may be a double portion of each. Her jealousy is written in large letters, in indelible ink that never seems to rub off.

Water Signs

The emotional sensitivity of the water element shows itself somewhat differently in each of the signs of the water triplicity. Cancer's watery nature typically manifests as feelings about home, security, and family. Scorpio's emerges as strong feelings about sex, death, and occult mysteries. Pisces's watery nature appears as mysticism, sensitivity to music, and impressionability.

Virgo Anger

Though I'd like to give the fourth woman the benefit of the doubt, it is probable that she has been trained, and has trained herself, out of recognizing her anger. Her priority is to have an unperturbed life. I believed her when she told me she had everything she wanted, but I also believe she had something she did not want anger. No human being can exist without feeling angry sometimes. She had probably suppressed the thoughts, memories, and associations that would lead to anger. In a later interview, she intimated that her sex life had never been a source of joy to her, but she said this was unimportant. She was not sure she had ever had an orgasm either.


I worked with a Sagittarius woman who was involved in a particularly disjointed relationship with a Libra man. Her lover was unusually gentle and refined, with quiet manners and a delicate sensibility. Though their attraction was in most ways one of opposites, their shared love of culture and reportedly glorious sex life were a powerful bond. The problem lay in the fact that my friend couldn't take a hint (in fact, she needed little less than a point-blank statement) about any aspect of her conduct or their life together. Her man's approach was always veiled suggestion or broad hints, and she seemed to ignore his every remark and continue on her headstrong way. He began to express his irritation and resentment delicately finally they both blew up. He decided that he couldn't bear her blind selfishness she concluded that she couldn't stand his mealy-mouthed behavior so they parted ways. To this day, she has no idea how something that had seemed so right ended so abruptiy.

Sun sign gemini

This placing stabilizes the light-hearted Geminian attitude to love, and will encourage faithfulness, a deeper expression of feeling, and a warm and loving attitude. The sex life will be fun, and sheer enjoyment and pleasure will be both given to and readily received from the partner. A love of beautiful things will prove expensive, but there is usually a talent for selling.

The Aspects Of Venus

CONJUNCTION Enhanced sexual appeal and sheer enjoyment of sex. The coarsening influence of Mars is countered by Venusian charm and romance. The sign and house placing are important. POSITIVE ASPECT Similar to the conjunction, but pay special attention to the two signs' elements, as this will colour the sex life air additional flirtation and friendship water and fire passion and emotion while earth bawdiness. NEGATIVE ASPECT These enliven the love and sex life, adding increased desire. However, these individuals have a tendency to rush into relationships, which can result in disappointment or embarrassment when sudden rejection occurs. CONJUNCTION Here is a magnetic power of attraction and a tendency to distance the self from a meaningful commitment. These individuals possess an independent spirit. Excitability and emotional tension will be shown, not only in love and sex life, but also creatively or through an unusual interest.

Signs of Affection

Once committed and sure of their feelings, and sure, too, that these are reciprocated, they will move fast. Then they are anything but cool and distant. There is a relationship between this sign and the god Pan, who was highly sexed. Pan has a potent influence on the Capricorn sex life, turning these individuals into virile and lively partners. Then they get, and give, great pleasure, and bring a surprising amount of spontaneity and amusement into their relationships.

Cancer Sexuality

Our three primary cultural taboos are sex, money, and death. The Cancer Woman specializes in sex with love and prefers solid money as the foundation of love's edifice. She usually leaves speculations about the metaphysical aspects of life and death to others, especially to Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is most invested in the quality of her life today and in assuring it for tomorrow. Cancer's opposite sign is Capricorn. Her subconscious nature reflects the deep insecurity and consequent need for worldly possessions of that sign. The Cancer Woman's tendency to couple sex with love may well be a mythology sold to her in childhood, a convenient spice added to her natural fears. In reality, she is quite able to enjoy what used to be called free love. Her flights of imagination cover every aspect of it, and there is enough obligation and duty in her life that she may find voluntary, easy sex a welcome respite. Sex, and nothing but, often becomes her preference in later years. has tremendous...

The Symbol for Mars

Desire, and Mars represents the desires that drive us on. However, Mars is neither masculine nor feminine, but part of the nature of each individual, for it is human to get angry, to compete, to have strong sexual needs and to show other characteristics of Mars. Despite decades of change in the roles of men and women, however, a woman with a strong Mars is still likely to be considered too aggressive and masculine, just as men with a strong Venus may still be considered too feminine. Again, Mars is not only a male prerogative women can also enjoy taking the initiative sexually and being the more active partner. For both men and women, a study of Mars in your chart can help you discover the kinds of sexual activities that would be most fulfilling. For example, if you have Mars in Cancer or a Moon-Mars aspect, giving and receiving oral gratification may be very pleasurable. Having Mars in Leo might signify that a playful approach or play-acting little sexual dramas would be pleasurable....

Amorous Fiery

Her sex drive may be like a furnace that rarely goes out but constantly needs careful stoking. She tends to be optimistic and opinionated in her passions. She usually has many sexual partners during periods when she is not loyally devoted to one mate. She is bound to be high-spirited and can gold-plate a dowdy affair, scattering stardust in the mustiest corners of a romance. Her personal vitality provides the sunshine that often makes her unforgettable at least in part, she derives her energy from magical dips into her sexuality.

Taurus in love

Once the relationship has been established, one can encounter problems with Taurean possessiveness. so, in spite of good living and great sex, care is needed to ensure that the atmosphere does not become claustrophobic. It is important to get the relationship on the right level for both partners, with Taurus's lover explaining the problem quite clearly, so that they can come to terms with the difficulty swiftly - the difficulty often being that Taurus's lover may not want to be exclusively his or hers, 24-hours-a-day. Finding a suitable way round this is essential.

Cosmic Sexuality

It is a fact terrible to contemplate, yet it is nevertheless true, and ought to be pressed upon the world fcrr its recognition that fully one-half of all women seldom or never experience any pleasure whatever in the sexual act. Now this is an impeachment of nature, a disgrace to our civilization. The Cosmic Woman is in touch with herself. She does not assume roles because she does not need to be other than she really is. It may be that she doesn't want to have 2.3 children. She may feel that her fate calls for her to be single and very mobile. She demands the same kind of rigorous honesty in her sex life. If it is not an expression of her inner self, she does not need it. The sex life of the Cosmic Woman often has a karmic connection. She is attracted to men with whom she has an instant rapport often it is as if she has known them before. It is through such contacts and the intricacies of sex that she comes to a belief in her previous lifetimes. She can see the patterns repeating...

Sexual Selfimage

In bed she may remain preoccupied with images of perfect beauty and sex appeal, thus blocking her feelings. She may try to assume positions that she thinks are most flattering to her, thus reducing spontaneous response and interaction. She may also suffer from the fear that at the moment of orgasm she will look unfeminine, or even ugly. Finding this unbearable, she will often clamp down on her sexual feelings, and as a result she may not experience the total letting go that is necessary for a satisfying climax. A great problem in her sexual relationships is the buildup of unspoken tension and criticism. Because she is intent on keeping a calm facade and pleasing her partner, she may pretend calm where a storm is brewing. Erotic storms should be unleashed. If she attempts to contain hers, her sexual response may become poorer, not richer, and she may seek new partners for greater satisfaction. She ought to look within and begin sharing what she sees with a partner who can give valuable...

Dorotheus Of Sidon

But thanks to his handsome face and eyes, he is pleasing and agreeable to all, as the Moon is in the house and terms of Venus.57 The Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Jupiter's house makes him powerful, steadfast and celebrated in arms.58 And the Saturn-Mercury sextile indicates that he will be quite calm, purposeful and reasonable, and moderately accomplished in literature and numeracy.59 The VenusMars combination usually implies dubious sexual activity, and the fact that it is a sextile means that he will be quite wealthy, not bad at riding, and successful in his endeavours, 'except that he will' love intercourse with women and riding forbidden mounts( ).60

Expressing Anger

Whenever anger affects her sex life, the Scorpio Woman must first recognize what is happening and then take action. The most effective action is to prepare to discuss what is happening with her mate. If Scorpio cannot control her anger within any rational guidelines, she might consider a therapy that will allow her to express it physically. Primal scream and bioenergetics are two therapy approaches that encourage unloading anger directly and powerfully.

Virgo Sexuality

The Virgo Woman has learned our cultural messages about sex only too well. She tends to develop technical proficiency before she develops sexual soul. She is apt to be disciplined, strong, and high-minded, and she is often repressed. It is seldom easy for her to overcome sexual guilt or the fear of being inadequate. In our culture, sex has ceased to be a natural function. Our sex education is largely negative, subliminally imparted. Seductive but unreal billboard, movie, and television ads and figures bathroom and locker-room conversations cryptic remarks and adult video and bookstores plus terrifying suggestions about disease and death by AIDS these are not part of a healthy sexual climate. We learn early and thoroughly that sex is an activity that falls somewhere along the continuum from dangerous, dirty, and unavoidable to sinfully pleasurable. I have never met anyone who has grown up without some sense of guilt and fear about sex, and this has only been compounded by the climate...

Capricorn Sexuality

The Capricorn sexual destiny includes the ordeal of patient labor. She may have to teach her lover sexual techniques more likely, she will have to teach him how to Her sexuality is a deep, enduring, intense bonding force. She usually feels that love and sex go together and are meant to last a lifetime. She dislikes head trips and will seldom discuss details, but she keeps on looking for the best romantic and financial combination. She may be downright secretive about her sexual longings and not much more open about her search for love. Her sexuality needs to be nurtured by many demonstrations of romance, passion, interest, and old-fashioned courtesy. She is exceedingly cautious about falling in love she would really prefer to make sure the man is in love with her before she lets herself fly. Thus, shoring up her sexual self-esteem may have to be part of a gradual opening-up process to help her to let go. Ultimately, the result is almost sure to be a delightful celebration of sex and...

Pisces Sexuality

During her lifetime, the Pisces Woman undergoes radical changes in her sexuality. A woman with multiple selves and varied needs, she is initially more openly concerned with social and moral issues than with psychosexual development. Sexually, she is a late bloomer. Her judgment in love is clouded. Often, she mistakes fantasy for love. She mistrusts men, has a martyr complex, and is repeatedly deeply hurt. For her, the total love sex combination is a compelling need. Her internal struggles create a spiral either up toward peak experiences in sex with love, or down into the depths of sadomasochism, exploitation, drugs, or total self-denial. The Pisces Woman is one of the few who enjoy long-distance unconsummated affairs. She also enjoys long-distance sexually active relationships. She puts her lover on a pedestal and likes intrigue, veiled and difficult situations, tortuous, unpredictable paths. Her sex drive ebbs and flows. She can be insatiable for weeks or months, luscious, ripe for...

Sun sign capricorn

The love and sex life will be taken very seriously, and the Venus influence will definitely add passion and very powerful feelings with an above average desire for sexual fulfillment. A final commitment may be delayed because of the need to experiment sexually and emotionally in order to choose the right partner. Here is considerable business ability. The love and sex life will be spiced with enjoyment and fun. Capricorn loyalty and faithfulness will be less evident. An element of independence

CfSl Mars In Leo

Generous, fun-loving, sympathetic and dynamic, you exude great personal magnetism. Demonstrative and generous in love, warm and expressive sexually, you are strongly attracted to members of the opposite sex. You are self-willed and must learn to develop a grasp of detail and a sense of humility. You tend to see everything on a large scale you rarely suffer from a lack of self-confidence. People with Mars in this position have great sex appeal. With difficult aspects, you must avoid being domineering and too egotistical.

Sun sign leo

This adds considerably to Leo sensitivity - which is far more potent than many realize. Here the extravert Leo Sun will conceal injury and Cancerian worry will exaggerate the problem. sensuality plus passion will enhance the love and sex life, making for exciting and responsive partners. A love of works of art or antiques will lead to good investments for this canny group of Leos.

Sun sign pisces

This group of individuals will have a down-to-earth attitude towards their love and sex life. They are sincere, constant, and very loyal. This is a rather cool placing for Venus, but with the very sensitive and emotional content of a Pisces Sun sign it is an excellent stabilizer, and so there will be far less heartache than is often the case. Here is an intuitive and clever business sense.

Scorpio as moon sign

This planetary placing may at the same time emphasize sexual needs, as well as a tendency to be sexually impulsive. This, of course, can be good fun and hence delightful but, if the urge is particularly potent, the individual can be susceptible not just to choosing the wrong partner, but to life-threatening ailments as well. At its best, this sign placing will pleasantly enhance the sexual impulse and response, and make for an excitingly erotic sexual partner.

Sun sign virgo

The need to relax in relationships is necessary if shyness is not to inhibit a rewarding sex life. A lack of self-confidence and thoughts of inadequacy, or feelings that sex is dirty can be the cause. Awareness that natural modesty and charm is present and attractive to the opposite sex will be a great help. Here is a good business sense.

Scorpio as ascendant

The traditional Scorpio body areas is the genitals. It is probably due to this fact that Scorpio has acquired a reputation for being obsessed with sex. Be that as it may, the body area ruled by the Ascendant (and to a certain extent the Sun sign) is always vulnerable, so it is advisable that those who are sexually active do not take the risk of indulging in unprotected sex with new or casual partners. Women should get regular smear tests done, while men should regularly examine themselves for any signs of testicular cancer.

Virgo in love

But it certainly can be the case that a concern about what their lover might think of them can dampen down the physical expression of love. In most cases Virgos come to terms with this, although perhaps more slowly than many other zodiac types. They learn to accept compliments graciously, and eventually welcome a more intimate development of the relationship. There is a romantic side to their nature which cries out for expression it is up to the partner to recognize it and use it to help the Virgo to relax and enjoy their sex life.

Sexual Intimacy

Aquarius, you need to learn that you don't give up any space when you give someone true intimacy you expand both yours and his. The masses you embrace don't often reject you what makes you think one person is more apt to You're willing to ask the state legislature for help, the school board for more understanding about sex education, the women's board for more money for famine victims why are you afraid to ask the man who loves you for something (like affection, like protection, like love)

Imaginative Dreamy

The Cancer Woman is apt to be born with a storybook in her head and an internal landscape that would challenge a Rubens or a Bosch to do it justice. As she appears to be contentedly gazing into the distance or into her partner's eyes, she may be picturing Arcadian shepherds cavorting at a picnic or a pair of passionate lovers engaged in Felliniesque foreplay.

9 Venus In Aquarius

You are cool, calm, collected, friendly, popular and unselfish. You prefer liking many to loving one. You live by your own rules and regulations, regardless of how unacceptable these may be to society. Your romantic attractions are often sudden, but they are not always lasting. Your partner must be a friend as well as a lover, from whom you seek mental stimulation and plenty of variety. Not possessive yourself, you will shy away from anyone who might want to tie you down. You are intuitive, and you function well with friends and in groups. You are interested in new art forms, legal reforms and technical endeavors. With difficult aspects you may be aloof, cold, stubborn and may crave eccentric sexual experiences. Artist Paul Cezanne, singer Janice Joplin, nutritionist Adelle Davis, scientist Linus Pauling, astronaut John Glenn.


Plato recognized the awesome power of love. The Cosmic Woman has learned how to harness that power and use it. She directs it to her relationships, to her sex life, and to the rejuvenation and actualization of her self. Hers is not a romantic love revolving around two people in a closed system she is open to a much broader experience. She does not preclude romantic love, but she recognizes that the special circumstances that produce it are rare indeed.

Sun sign cancer

Love will be expressed tenderly and cherishingly. Cancerian anxiety will seriously emerge where lovers are concerned, and the imagination will take off if the partner is not home when expected. These Cancerians epitomize kindness, but moodiness can mar their love and sex life. They are very clever at making their bank balances grow.

Love and

To separate sex from love, she needs to analyze more carefully her motivations for getting involved with a man. If she can learn that there is nothing inherently wrong in sharing sex to actualize a fantasy, acknowledging the experience as such, she can also learn to recognize the difference between fantasy sex and love sex. She is not often patient in her sexual advances. She can become the aggressor and let her sexual needs be known. She is expert at doing two things at once performing fellatio while giving one of the most complete buttocks massages he's ever had, for example. 3. Explosive, verbal orgasm.

Aware Conscious

Once the Cosmic Woman senses that she is a combination of different energies bound together in a common body, and once she is aware that these energies can pull in different directions, she loses much of the fear and guilt that she has placed upon herself. She stops trying to punish herself for not being perfect. She gives up psychosomatic illness and relinquishes her sense of shame over her flaws. She makes no harsh judgments about her sexuality but accepts it as part of the complex energies that make up her being. She leaves guilt behind because she no longer feels it for doing what is natural and right for her body. She is not ashamed of the intuitions that come to her in the night and bring a sense of order and meaning to her life. She makes no apologies for her dreams but seeks to understand them. Having passed the self-imposed barriers of proper thought and proper action, and having entered the realm of possible thought and possible action, she is well on her way to being truly...

Aquarius Sexuality

She believes that the brain is the most potent sexual organ in the body. She will use hers imaginatively, if not calculatingly, to extract hidden urges and fantasies in her lover. Thus, she is sometimes more a spectator or prompter in sexual liaisons than a participant on the same level. She hungers for approval in everything, and sex is no exception. If she can bring about a complete, exhausting and frenzied orgasm in her man, she feels she has accomplished what she was supposed to. Her controlled attitudes toward life overlap with her passionate need for experimentation. One can imagine seeing her, fully unclothed, walking through piles of bodies at an orgy, and taking notes or giving helpful hints to participants. She is willing to be a part of sexual experiences that are societally abnormal but insists that she only perform to the limits she has established for herself. Of course, those limits expand considerably if she thinks her performance can be kept a secret.

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