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Yantras are special geometrical and numerical meditation devices, sometimes fabricated in the form of small copper squares, which help attune us to the underlying order of the cosmic mind. The universe itself is like a gigantic yantra, a multidimensional geometrical structure that embodies cosmic law or dharma. The mineral mass of the earth is composed of crystals that one could call embodied yantras. Gemstones themselves are like solid crystalline yantras. Each planet is a yantra, as it were, with its energy field circumscribing a special geometry and with the various minerals and gases within it creating various 'yantric fields'.

Just as each planet has its mantra or special sound energy, so too it possesses a yantra or special energy pattern. A yantra is the visual energy body of the mantra and of the planet that it corresponds to. It is usually abstract in form, though some contain small pictures of plan etary deities as well. I have discussed the subject briefly in the Astrology of the Seers,49 for those wanting more information on it.

Yantras magnify the energy of mantras and are used as part of meditation, particularly for developing concentration (dharana). One can use yantras as substitutes for gems but, like mantras, they require considerable attention in order to energize properly. In the use of a yantra, one meditates upon the geometrical form, transforming ones mind itself into the yantra. Yantras, like mantras, can also be used as empowerment devices for gemstones or can be used in rituals.

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