Where to Place Gemstones on the Body

High quality gems are most effectively worn as rings. The fingers have a special capacity to conduct the influence of gems into the rest of the body because they are connected to the subtle channels of the mind and nervous system. Note the following table for the relationship of the planets, the fingers of the hands and the five elements.

Fingers and the Planets

Index finger



Middle finger



Ring finger

Fire, Water

Sun, Moon

Little finger



The right thumb also relates to the Sun and the left thumb to the Moon. But generally it is not advisable to wear rings on the thumb as this is not only cumbersome but can block the flow of energy into the body.

Rings should generally be worn upon the fingers of their respective planet or of its natural friends. In this regard, planets come in two groups or camps. The first camp or group of friends consists of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter; the second is comprised of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.37

Gemstones for the Moon function well on the fingers of the Sun or Jupiter, the ring and index fingers. Stones for Mars can also be worn on the fingers for Jupiter or the Sun. Gems for Venus can be worn on the fingers of Saturn or Mercury, the middle or little fingers. Stones for Rahu and Ketu can be worn on the fingers of Saturn or Mercury (note that Ketu is sometimes considered along with Mars and its gem often worn like a gem for Mars).

The middle finger, the finger of Saturn, is usually better for gem-stones than the little finger, the finger of Mercury. It governs a more central pranic flow and interferes less with the movements of the hand. Many men do not like to wear rings on the little finger and find it inconvenient. Similarly, it is easier for most people to wear rings in the ring finger (hence its name), than the index finger.

The right hand has a more solar and spiritual force and is generally preferred for all astrological rings, but the left hand can also be used. On the left hand,, gems increase the cool, watery, lunar, receptive and feminine properties and work on the left nadi (Ida nadi). On the right hand, they increase the warm, fiery, solar, active and masculine properties and work on the right nadi (Pingala nadi).

As many people work with their right hands, gems may be more conveniently worn on the left hand. It is better to wear them on the left hand or to take them off during work than not to wear them at all. The same principles can be extended to wearing bangles or bracelets on the right or left wrist or arm.

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