Venus Types

Venus types are the best looking of the planetary types, representing the more attractive side of Kapha dosha. They are usually moderate in build and average in height, seldom very tall or very short, very thin or very heavy. Their features are roundish and their tissues well-developed but they seldom get obese. As they are concerned about their appearance this helps them keep their Kapha from getting too high.

Venus types have attractive eyes, hair and skin, which glow. Their hands are well-formed, delicate and without deep lines. Their sexual vitality is strong and they have feminine features, even in men. Yet they have strength and endurance and a reserve of vital energy.

Venus types usually have good health and longevity and love life. They like to keep their bodies in good shape but may get more caught in outer beauty than in real physical fitness. They try to look young, even if it means resorting to makeup, surgery or other corrective measures. They suffer mainly from diseases of self-indulgence and from problems of the reproductive system.

Psychologically, Venus people are romantically inclined, though often with a degree of vanity. Relationship problems or losses affect them more deeply than the other types. They are strongly socially minded and prefer to do things with others, if not for public show. Yet they are usually receptive and can be quite vulnerable, particularly if the Moon in their charts is afflicted. They possess colorful imaginations and have vivid dreams, along with various creative capacities.

Venus types love comfort and elegance and like to adorn things, starting with their own bodies. They enjoy fine jewelry and beautiful homes and are often good at business and sales. They have a good sense of form and often become good artists or designers. Like other Kapha types, they can easily get into accumulating wealth and property, and particularly collecting objects of art. Yet Venus types accumulate things more for social value than for simple investment. Their lives often revolve around gaining and holding the positive opinions and feelings of others. They like to lead others, but more out of a desire to charm than a need to dominate.

Venus types are generally ethical and they often possess genuine love and devotion. However, they will bend the truth to suit their desires and like to project beauty, glamour or illusion as to what they want. Their spiritual inclinations are mainly toward the path of devotion and Divine love (Bhakti Yoga), as well as to Tantra. They incline to psychic pursuits as well and many astrologers have strong Venuses in their charts.

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