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Vedic astrology similarly considers the role of all three bodies. It starts out with an examination of our physical health concerns, but then extends to all the main factors of our well-being — career, relationship, creativity and spirituality — bringing in the roles of the astral and causal bodies as well. Each of these different concerns is denoted by specific houses in the birth chart. These houses along with their planetary significators are examined with precise rules of delineation and interpretation for determining their results."

Our overall birth chart relates primarily to the subtle or astral body, which is the greater sphere of our life energies. It reflects the entire range of our activities, of which our physical health is just one factor. The birth chart is like the blueprint of the astral body, which forms the matrix or energy pattern for the physical. Astrology, as its name suggests, is primarily an astral science, having as its main concern the subtle or astral body, our body of the stars. As the astral body mediates between the physical and the causal, it can help us understand the other two bodies as well.

• Astrologically speaking, the physical body is indicated primarily by the Ascendant or rising sign and its ruler, and the nature of the influences upon them. It is also connected to the planet Mars, the planet of .work in the material world.

• The astral body, which indicates our emotional or feeling nature is reflected primarily by the Moon — its position and influences in the chart, its sign and Nakshatra (lunar constellation). It also is reflected in the fourth house, the house of the mind and its planetary ruler.

• The causal body or soul works mainly through the Sun, which indicates character, will and individuality. For the causal body, we look to the Sun's placement in the chart, as well as the fifth and ninth houses, the houses of dharma, and the Navamsha or ninth divisional chart.

• The Ascendant, Moon and Sun are each closely examined in Vedic astrology to help us understand how our three bodies are functioning in this life. When all three are harmoniously placed, our lives are likely to unfold in the best possible manner on all levels.

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