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Our soul is a 'karmic being', a doer or actor in a universe shaped by its own actions. Astrology as a science of time is also a science of karma. Time is not merely a blank continuum, but reflects a karmic flow, a giving of the fruit of action to all beings. In this regard astrology is the most important of all sciences because through comprehending time and karma, it can unlock the energy and motivation behind everything that occurs in the universe. There is nothing in our birth chart that does not have karmic implications on one level of our life or nature or another.

All true healing must occur first of all at a karmic level. It must be capable of removing the negative effect of our actions and promoting those which are positive. As karma and time are interrelated not only with each other but with the entire universe, all true healing should consider astrology as well.

A good astrologer can perhaps be best defined as a 'karmic counselor', guiding clients on how to better optimize their karmic potential in life and helping them to understand their unique karmic code and how to best implement it. In the same way, a good healer is also a 'karmic healer'. This healer helps clients remove the karmic causes, including the wrong attitudes and inappropriate life-styles behind their diseases, not simply just alleviate their symptoms.

Both Ayurveda and Vedic astrology are important means of karmic rectification. Ayurveda helps us rectify our karma relative to our physical and mental habits and the impulses that may be out of harmony with our mind-body type. Vedic astrology helps us rectify our karma relative to the deeper samskaras that may be out of harmony with our planetary type and our soul's level of manifestation. They both lead us to Yoga, which can help us go beyond all the influences of karma. We should not forget this karmic orientation as we examine the scope of Ayurvedic astrology.

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