Rahu Types

Rahu types have a certain mysteriousness or unpredictability around them, like shadowy Rahu itself that can eclipse the Sun or Moon, which makes them hard to understand. There is a kind of cloud around them, which can have its allure or attraction, or can function like a shadow having a disturbing affect upon us.

Rahu types are mainly Vata in their physical and mental traits, with a mixture of Saturn and Venus traits that can afford them a certain unusual or dark beauty. They are generally thin in build and quick in movement with sensitive nervous and digestive systems. They are not strongly present in their bodies and can seem to be spaced out. Their immune systems may be weak and they are more susceptible to contagious disease than other types, as well as to degenerative and nervous system disorders. They often suffer from insomnia and diffx-

cult dreams.

Relative to psychology, Rahu types are usually intelligent, intuitive and creative but in an unconventional manner. They are often scattered or wishful in their thinking.

While they are good at creating new ideas, they are not always successful at making them work. Emotionally they are also sensitive, moody and changeable. Their egos are inflated but weak. They often suffer from a certain vanity and have unrealistic desires. They are more prone to emotional imbalance than the other types.

Rahu types like to cast a spell or web around others and are good at art, music, performing, acting and designing. They do better in new circumstances and are often on the cutting edge of new changes and revolutions in society. They are particularly good at working with the mass media, which is a Rahu type business. They do better working with outsiders, with foreigners or in foreign countries and often live away from their family or place of origin.

Rahu individuals are ambitious and want to achieve great things, though they often fail at ordinary actions and easily overextend themselves. When they do achieve great success in the world, it is often unfulfilling to them personally and may cause them psychological problems. They tend to live beyond what they are able to accomplish.

On a psychic or spiritual level Rahu types are often possessed by something, whether it is another entity, curses, unfulfilled longings from past lives, or simply driven by their own imagination. While they incline towards psychic, occult and astral pursuits, these can be dangerous for them as they have a lot of vulnerability to subtle energies. They may become mediums, do channeling or practice Tantra but are easily caught in illusions about what they do. They often have good healing powers and a great deal of empathy and can be very devoted. While interested in astrology, they usually do better at an intuitive level as they are seldom good at calculation.

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