Planetary Name and Bija Mantras

Certain seed syllable or bija mantras can be used for the planets. These come in two main groups.

• First are bija mantras based upon the names of the planets, like SUM for Surya (the Sun). They reflect the sound of the first syllable of the name of the planet.

• Second are special Shakti or Siddha mantras like HRIM. These have planetary connections but are not necessarily limited in usage to, one planet.

We will discuss both types of mantras. Of the two, the name mantras are most commonly used and of easiest application.

The Sanskrit names for the planets are not merely incidental, but reflect the essential qualities of the planets, which they carry in their sound vibrations. The Sanskrit language has the power to convey astral energies, the foremost of which are transmitted through the planets. The planetary seed mantra brings the corresponding planetary ray into our minds and hearts.

Planetary influences can be balanced through chanting the names of the appropriate planets. OM is chanted at the beginning of the mantra because OM empowers all mantras. Then the specific name of the planet is chanted in the dative or 'to' case (Sanskrit is an inflected language, unlike English which relies on propositions for its case endings). It concludes with the word 'namah', which means of-. fering reverence or respect. The bija mantra for the planet is generally used before the name. All bija mantras end with an'm' sound called 'anusvara' in Sanskrit. It is pronounced with a nasalization of the vowel, ending in the closing of the lips.

The following are the main name mantras for the planets. Note the Sanskrit table in the Appendix for the correct pronunciation of the letters indicated. I have also discussed these mantras in Astrology of the Seers.41

• Moon - Om Cham Chandraya Namaha

• Mercury - Om Bum Budhaya Namaha

• Jupiter - Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha

• Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha

• Saturn - Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

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