Mantras forRahu

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1. With what special grace will lndra manifest for us brilliantly, our friend who ever helps us, with what powerful company?

2. The spotted cow has come and sat before the Mother again, extending beyond the Father to the world of light.

3. The rope that the Goddess Nirritti has bound around your neck; let that be loosened. We release you from that for greater longevity. May your happy life not be cut short.

In the first verse Rahu is referred to as the shakti or power of Indra, the supreme lord, that works along with the Maruts, the storm Gods or Gods of Prana. Rahu is called Ka, the feminine form of Who, referring to the power of the unknown deity behind all names and forms. It also relates to the Goddess Kali in later Hindu thought.

The second verse is the Divine Mother Durga as the overruler of Rahu, in the form of the spotted Cow (Prishni) who symbolizes the night sky. The cow is also the Prana or life force that extends beyond Heaven and Earth to the realm of the immortals. Rahu gives that power of transcendence.

The third verse is to the Goddess Nirriti, the supreme ruler of Rahu, who represehts karma, bondage, disease and death. We can better understand her as the Goddess Kali in her grandmother or crone form. Propitiating her we can overcome disease, gain longevity and ultimately gain immortality.

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