Mantras for Saturn

1. May the Goddess Waters be auspicious for us to drink. May they flow peace and happiness to us.

2. Prajapati, all these creatures are not different from you, whom you surround on every side. Whatever wish we offer, may that come true. May we be lords of the treasure.

3. May you come to the sacred grass spread for Yama. Sit along with the our fathers, the great Angirasa Rishis. May the mantras uttered by the sages bring you here. King Yama, may you take delight in this offering.

The first verse for Saturn is the standard daily prayer used for the ritual drinking of water in Hindu practices. While one might find it odd to associate water with Saturn, a dry planet, Saturn is the lord of the great Prana or life-force of the waters of space, the cosmic waters. Saturn as Shani is related to the Vedic term Sham, meaning 'what is peaceful and auspicious', which is associated with Lord Shiva who is Sham-kara or Shankara, 'the maker of what is auspicious'. Through warding off negative Saturn energy we connect with these higher ben-efic forces.

In the second verse Saturn's overruler is the Divine Creator, Brahma or Prajapati, not simply as a cosmic ruler, but as the indwelling consciousness that has become the entire universe. This connects him to the supreme reality (Parabrahman). Saturn is also the grandfather principle here.

In the third verse Saturn's supreme ruler is Yama, the God of death, not in a mere outer sense of suffering but as the primal sage and leader of the ancient rishis, the supreme yogi. Yama or death as the great teacher shows us the path beyond death and mortality to deathless-ness and immortality. These mantras show the spiritual side of Saturn, which is the main power behind the soul's inner growth.

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