Mantras for Mars

1. Agni is the head of Heaven and the mountain lord of the Earth. He invigorates the waters' seed.

2. O Earth, our place of dwelling, be auspicious for us and free of thorns. Grant us a wide peace.

3. With the Lord of the Field, as with a good horse, may we win cattle and horses that provide nourishment. May he be compassionate to such as we.

Mars is lauded in the form of the Fire God Agni as the lord of the Earth, Heaven and the Waters. This relates specifically to his name as Angaraka. The reproductive power of Mars is alluded to as well.

The overruler for Mars is the Earth Goddess (Bhumi Devi), in whose field he manifests as her son. Once we control our aggressive Mars energy we can create peace and growth for our lives on Earth. .

The supreme deity for Mars is the Lord of the Field, Kshetrapati, as his main work on Earth is a kind of cultivation or agriculture. Kshetrapati is associated with Lord Rama and his consort Sita, who represents the cultivated field. Kshetrapati here takes the place of Skanda in the usual order of planetary deities or is another name for him.

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