Mantras for Ketu

1. Creating a ray (Ketu) where no ray existed, creating a form where there was no form, O youthful Indra, Lord of Life, you were born along with the dawns.

2. The Creator (Brahma) among the Gods, the master of the verse among the poets, the seer among the sages, the falcon among the birds of prey, the axe in the forests, Soma flows through the purification filter, singing.

3. May he radiant (Chitra), appear radiant to us, whose rule is radiant, the giver of life. May he, lustrous with his lights, grant to his worshipper a wealth of light that is vast and full of energy.

The first verse is to Ketu as a form of the God Indra, the King of the Gods, who brings the light out of darkness, the first intimation of which is Ketu as the initial ray of the dawn. Ketu symbolizes the initial light of any venture, including the yogic quest.

The second verse is to Brahma, the Creator, in the form of Soma, the delight or Ananda from which all creation springs. Ketu, which also means a 'symbol', grants us the knowledge of the essence of all things, their sign or symbol, which is ultimately Ananda. Those with a strong Ketu have a good sense of symbols, mantras and secret codes. The third verse is to Chitragupta, the lord of karma, as the supreme

Lord of Ketu. Our karmic code is the ultimate secret code that we must learn to decipher. Ketu is the main planetary force which helps us do that. Chitragupta is sometimes regarded as a form of Ganesha who is the lord of time and karma on a cosmic level. Ketu's ability to grant higher perception and meditational powers is clear from these verses.


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