Mantras for Jupiter

1. Brihaspati, beyond our worthy foes, shine radiant and strong of will among the peoples. As you shine with strength bom from truth, grant us that rich and lustrous light.

2. Indra with the Maruts, drink the Soma here, just as you drank the Soma of King Sharyata. By your guidance and in your protection, O hero, may the rishis, skilled at worship, come here.

3. Brahman was born originally from the East, as the adorable light revealed its radiance. The original foundation is his dwelling. He has revealed the origins of being and non-being.

The first verse is to the Vedic God Brihaspati, the priest of the Gods, through whom we can overcome all difficulties by the power of ritual, prayer, mantra and meditation. These powers are more potent than all worldly powers and grant a greater and more fulfilling and enduring reward.

The second verse is to the God Indra, the King of the Gods, along with his army of Maruts, wind and storm Gods. He is the overruling deity of Jupiter as the head of the heavenly army. This head of the hosts energizes the higher rishi or seer powers and puts us in touch with them. While the solitary form of Indra is associated with Venus, Indra as the group leader is connected with Jupiter. Later on this function of head of the group of the Gods was taken over by Ganesha.

The third verse is not to Brahma, the Creator, which is related to Jupiter in other accounts, but to Brahman or the Godhead, the Absolute within and beyond all creation, whose transcendent nature can be understood through the wisdom of Jupiter as the divine guru. The east is symbolic for the third eye.

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