Ketu Types

Ketu types resemble Mars types, and are usually Pitta in their constitution, with moderate height and build, wiry, a little muscular, and running on the warm side. Yet they also have secondary Vata characteristics, being lean, nervous, dry, and having a fast metabolism.

Their eyes are particularly piercing and probing. Their circulation is strong but with a tendency to toxic blood conditions, skin diseases, ulcers and hypertension. They often suffer from neuromuscular disorders and may have a lack of coordination. They are prone to accidents, require surgery, or suffer from violence as in wars and other mass catastrophes.

Psychologically, Ketus are independent thinkers but with a fixation on some particular cause or project that can become an obsession. They are introverted and individualistic to the point of eccentricity. They go their own way and may rebel against the social order. They may debase themselves by following lower social influences. They are intolerant of criticism and react in a strongly defensive manner. They possess a lot of self-doubt and can be self-destructive. Yet emotionally they are often preoccupied, unresponsive, if not insensitive.

We find Ketu types in Mars ruled professions like the military, law or police but usually taking the more research-oriented or investigative roles. They are also good in science and mathematics and excel with computer work. They are fascinated with the past and may make good historians, archaeologists or geologists. Ketu types have sharp, perceptive and discriminating minds. They are good at concentration and deep examination to the point of forgetting all else. They are best at obscure studies and are able to find the light even in darkness.

Ketu is the indicator of astrologers, psychics and those with much occult knowledge, so many Ketu types can be found in these spiritual fields as well. Higher Ketu-types are yogis (Jnanis) and possess much spiritual knowledge and realization. They see the illusory and transient nature of all the things of the world and can go their own way regardless of outer circumstances. They are able to see through and go beyond the ego. They may not always be recognized or appreciated but they find happiness in their own studies and pursuits.

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