Brihaspati, the main Vedic name for the planet Jupiter, means 'the lord (pati) of the vast or the profound (Brihat)', which indicates his role as the lord of the night sky, the brightest of the nocturnal stars. Brihaspati is the priest or guru of the Devas or Gods, the cosmic powers of light. He is the first and foremost of the human rishis, the great seers and sons of Agni or fire, who guide humanity spiritually. He is famous for his knowledge of mantra, ritual, yoga and Vedanta. Jupiter is also called Guru owing to his overall knowledge-giving and teaching role. As guru, one honors Jupiter by honoring one's guru.

Brihaspati in the Vedas is also called Brahmanaspati, or the lord of Brahman, the universal creative power and lord of the ritual order of the cosmos. In this regard he has connections both with the later God, Brahma, the creator among the Hindu trinity, and Ganesha, the lord of time and karma.

The Vedic God Indra is the overruler of the planet Jupiter. Like the Roman God Jupiter, he is the Lord of Heaven who wields the lightning and thunder, the divine weapons which destroys the titans, Asuras or anti-Gods. In this regard Jupiter is the planet of justice, law and dharma.

Jupiter relates to the Creator Brahma as his supreme deity - the cosmic law giver, the upholder of Dharma, and the giver of the Vedas or the Divine books of truth. Sometimes Jupiter is associated with Brahman in the neutral gender which indicates the Godhead, absolute or supreme reality, the higher truth behind all the Gods, as he holds the keys to spiritual knowledge.

Jupiter also relates to Ganesha or Ganapati, the Elephant God, the first son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha, like Jupiter, is the great god of wisdom through whom we overcome all obstacles. He grants knowledge of Yoga, Astrology, Vastu, science and mathematics. He is the Divine teacher and guide and represents the cosmic intelligence working behind the world. The first and most famous Vedic Ganapati mantras are part of hymns to Brihaspati.43

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