Houses of Health and Disease

For examining overall health, the first house or Ascendant is the most important factor because it is the house of the body (Tanur-bhava). The fifth is the house of positive health, creativity and sexual vitality. The ninth is the house of the overall good fortune that improves the health as well.

An important rule in Vedic astrology is that benèfic planets (Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) perform best when located in angular or trine houses (1, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10), the main positive houses in the chart. In such positions they aid in health, physically or psychologically. It is said that Jupiter in angle will protect us even from all manner of diseases. Venus has a similar effect, although.not to the same degree, as does Mercury or any natural benefic.

On the other hand, malefics in angular or trine houses damage the body, reduce our good fortune and weaken our health. Saturn or Mars in angles, for example, often cause health problems, particularly if they also aspect the Ascendant or its lord.

The main houses of disease in the chart are houses 6, 8 and 12. The sixth indicates diseases that arise mainly through faulty digestion or weak immunity. The eighth indicates congenital or vitality problems, including catastrophic or debilitating diseases and epidemics. The twelfth is the house of loss and indicates weakness, debility or hospitalization. Planets located in these houses in the birth chart, particularly benefics, make a person prone to diseases.

The lords of these three houses, particularly the rulers of houses 6 and 8, have thé power to cause disease by their aspects or association, especially with the Ascendant and its lord. The lords of houses 3 and

11 can also cause health problems.

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