Gayatri Mantra and Invocation of the Seven Worlds

OM Bhuh (the Earthly Realm)!

OM Bhuvah (the Atmosphere)!

OM Suvah (Heaven)!

OM Mahah (the Realm of Cosmic Law)!

OMJanah (the World of Origins)!

OMTapah (the World of Yogic Power)!

OM Satyam (the Sphere of Truth)!

We meditate upon the most adorable effulgence of the Divine creative Sun (Savitar), that he may inspire our minds!

OM, the cosmic waters, the cosmic light, the essence, immortality, Brahman, Bhur (Earth), Bhuvah (Atmosphere) Suvar (Heaven), OM!

The invocation of the planetary deities is preceded by the Gayatri mantra to the Sun God as Savitar. This is the most important Vedic mantra for connecting us to the Divine light. Savitar represents not just the Sun but the supreme light of consciousness behind all forms of light - the radiance of the Atman (higher Self) that can inspire and illumine our minds so that the mantras we chant can be fully effective.

The Gayatri mantra is a powerful tool to help us learn Vedic astrology and for developing astrological insight. It is important for strengthening solar energy and connecting us to the spiritual heart, the seat of the soul or inner Sun.

In this version, the recitation of the Gayatri includes special mantras for all the seven lokas or planes of existence from the lowest earthly realm of physical matter to the highest realm of spiritual truth and pure existence.

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