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Through its ability to help us understand our physical constitution or body type, Vedic astrology shows our overall disease propensity, indicating the types of health problems that we are most likely to be vulnerable to. In addition to this, it can indicate the timing of disease, so that we can know when we are likely to get sick and can guard ourselves against it. Once we have come down with a disease, Vedic astrology can be an important aid in its prognosis, showing our ability to get well, so that we can know how easily we are likely to recover.

Vedic astrology is not only helpful for ordinary disease conditions; it has a special relevance for helping us understand conditions, both physical and psychological, which may not be curable by the usual medical methods. It provides us a precise methodology for dealing with diseases that derive from internal and karmic causes, whose roots reside not so much in the physical body but in our mental state or the condition of our will, the factors of the astral and causal bodies.

Vedic astrology is not only concerned with the diagnosis and timing of diseases, it also offers us various methods to either treat disease or increase our resistance to it. The treatment methods or remedial measures of Vedic astrology primarily aim at the astral body. Diseases reflect negative planetary influences, which are disruptive forces in our astral environment. Gems, mantras (words of power), yantras (power diagrams), special rituals (pujas and yajnas) and other yogic methods can help counter these influences and replace them with those that are positive.

Such subtle methods are particularly effective for dealing with mental and psychological disorders, which are primarily imbalances in the subtle body. They help strengthen the aura and immune system, and can remove negative karmic influences, negative thoughts and subtle environmental pollutants, like low level radiation.

The planets project the basic energies operating in the solar system. As such, our entire lives can be arranged to improve our planetary influences. The right diet, the right herbs, the right location to live, the right livelihood, right relationships, and the right Spiritual practices can all be used to balance planetary forces.

For example, Mars is a hot planet and can cause fiery or Pitta disorders like fever, inflammation, infection, as well as traumas and injury if afflicted in the chart. Its influence can be countered by cooling foods, cooling herbs, a cool climate, and cool colors, as well as by special gems and mantras for the planet, adjusted according to the planetary periods and transits operative in the individual chart.

However, treating the physical body is more complex than what may be revealed in the birth chart and should not be attempted through astrology alone. Medical astrology should support but not substitute for a full medical treatment. But astrology can be helpful for medical problems, even if we cannot see the full scope of a person's condition in the chart. It can show us the probable development of a disease, even when its specific nature and symptoms may not be clear. It can tell us when we are likely to fall ill and for how long, even when it cannot pin point the exact illness or its treatment. In the hands of a good astrologer, however, it can tell us these additional factors as well.

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