5 George Bush Jr Pitta

Birth Chart Navamsha






ju mo






July 6, 1946, 07 26 AM, New Haven, 72W56, 41N18

Ascendant - 14° 00' Can.

Sun - 20° 40' Gemini

Moon - 23° 36' Virgo

Mars - 16° 12' Leo

Mercury - 16° 43' Cancer

Jupiter - 25° 02' Virgo

Venus - 28° 23' Cancer

Saturn - 03° 23' Cancer

Rahu - 26° 29' Scorpio

Ketu - 26° 29' Taurus

Planetary Periods

Birth - Mars/Mars

Rahu - May 16, 1953

Jupiter - May 16, 1971

Saturn - May 16, 1987

Mercury - May 16, 2006

Ketu - May 16, 2023

George W Bush has Cancer Ascendant but under the influence of conservative Saturn, reflecting more the public and political side of the sign. A quick look at this chart would appear to indicate a Vata or airy constitution. Saturn, a Vata planet, is located in the Ascendant and aspects the Ascendant lord, the Moon. Mercury, another Vata planet, is also in the Ascendant. The Sun and Moon are both located in signs (Gemini and Virgo) ruled by Mercury.

However, this is an unusual chart in which the more obvious indications in the birth chart are outweighed by other factors. First, the Ascendant has fiery planets, Sun and Mars, on either side, bringing in a Pitta influence indirectly. Such hemming in of the Ascendant affects the constitution. Any house that is hemmed in by planetary influences of a certain type will reflect these strongly, even though they have no direct aspect upon it.

This Pitta energy is reinforced by powerful influences from the Navamsha. Mars has much more strength than is apparent at first from its position in the second house. Mars is vargottama, located in the same sign in the basic birth chart and in the Navamsha, in this case Leo, which increases its strength in the birth chart and its ability to impact the personality type. Mars dominates the tenth house of the Navamsha, in the fiery sign Leo, along with Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, and also aspects the Navamsha Ascendant, its own sign of Scorpio. The Navamsha is very strongly Pitta and in this case serves to outweigh the influences in the basic birth (Rashi) chart.

In addition, Bush was born under a Mars/Mars period, bringing yet further Mars influences into his nature. So he is a Pitta type with secondary Vata characteristics. His planetary type is Martian, of a political bent. Most of us have observed the fiery, often aggressive and combative nature of George Bush Jr., though he does have a Cancerian friendliness at an outward level. His second house Mars brings that fire power into the realm of speech. By aspect Mars also impacts the fifth house of intellect and judgment, which in his case is very martial. His body type is also Pitta, moderate in build, ruddy in complexion.

This chart shows us the importance of the Navamsha chart in determining constitution.

In addition, the chart shows all the planets located between Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes, a combination called Kalasarpa Yoga, meaning the serpent of time. Those with such a combination have unusual, unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic events occur in their lives, which are not always owing to their actions.

Saturn is often a powerful planet for giving political gains for Cancer Ascendants when strongly placed in the chart. Bush also has very strong positions from the Moon, with Saturn, Mercury and Venus creating a powerful Raja Yoga (combination for political power) from it. His Jupiter is strongly placed along with the Moon (a Gajakesari Yoga). It brings the benefits of the father as Jupiter is the ninth lord. However, in Bush's case, Saturn by its aspects on the Ascendant and the Moon outweighs Jupiter, directing its good karma to more circumscribed ends.

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